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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 11

that merely being a PHYSICAL descendant of Yeshua the Messiah. (This process will be
Israel is not enough in itself to inherit freedom covered in more detail in future lessons.)
and qualify as one of the Messiah’s sheep.
Flesh vs. Spirit
Children of Flesh vs. Children of Promise
The terms “flesh” and “spirit” are also
Paul makes clear the difference between used often in the Bible to describe these two
these two types of Israelites. In Romans 10 he types of Israelites -- those that FOLLOW the
describes these “children of the flesh” who live Messiah and those who do NOT. A look at
in BONDAGE. Romans 8 will illustrate the use of these terms.
1. Read Romans 10:1-4. In verse 1 who 1. Read Romans 8:1-17. In verse 1 what
does Paul desire -- and pray for -- to be saved? is it that the Messiah’s sheep DO NOT walk
2. In verse 2 Paul says that they “have a after? And what is it they DO walk after?
zeal of God,” but not according to what? 2. In verse 4, what is it that is fulfilled in
3. In verse 3 what does Paul say these those who walk after spirit?
Israelites are of YEHOVAH’s righteousness? 3. In verse 5 what is it that those who
What does he say they go about trying to “are after the flesh” mind? And what is that those
establish? who “are after the spirit” mind?
4. Continuing on in verse 3, what is it 4. We read in verse 8 that those “that are
that Paul says they haven’t done “unto the in the flesh” cannot do what?
righteousness of God”? 5. In verse 9, those “in the spirit” have
COMMENT: These Israelites of the whose spirit dwelling in them?
flesh were trusting in their own works to succeed 6. Verse 9 also says, “Now if any man
in life instead of trusting in the Messiah’s have NOT the spirit of Christ, he is________of
instructions. They were not submitting to his.”
YEHOVAH God -- they were living in rebellion. 7. According to verse 14, the SONS of
They were RACIAL Israelites, but they were YEHOVAH God are those led by what?
NOT following after the Messiah as he followed 8. In verses 16-17, what is our
after the Father. relationship to YEHOVAH God? And to whom
In contrast, Paul describes in Galatians are we JOINT-HEIRS with?
3 the “children of God” (children of promise) COMMENT: Here we see that Israelites
that live in the FREEDOM of the Messiah under walking (living) after the FLESH cannot please
the New Covenant. YEHOVAH God. They DO NOT have the spirit
5. Read Galatians 3:26-29. What is it of the Messiah (YEHOVAH’s spirit) and
that Paul tells us in verse 26 that makes one a therefore are none of his (not his sheep).
child (son) of YEHOVAH God? However, those Israelites walking AFTER THE
6. In verse 29 we read that if we are the SPIRIT are LED by the spirit of YEHOVAH
Messiah’s sheep, then we are Abraham’s seed God dwelling in them and are the SONS of
and what else? And this is according to what? YEHOVAH God. As YEHOVAH’s children,
COMMENT: Here we see what makes they are HEIRS of YEHOVAH God and
an Israelite a SON of YEHOVAH God (heir -- JOINT-HEIRS with the Messiah (our Elder
freeman): FAITH IN YESHUA THE Brother). Repentant and OBEDIENT Israelites
MESSIAH. Ancestry alone does NOT are YEHOVAH’s true sheep -- the sheep of His
accomplish it. Faith in one’s own works will pasture. It is only through the grace and power of
NOT do it! Only YEHOVAH God brings it to the Messiah (by means of YEHOVAH’s spirit)
pass with the New Covenant administered by that we can be his sheep.

The Messiah’s Sheep -- Modern-Day Israel
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