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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 11

Peter’s Strangers by YEHOVAH God to Israel in the Old
Testament (Jeremiah 31:31-34).
Peter makes reference to the SHEEP in
the book of I Peter. In verses 1 and 2 of chapter Not All of Israel are Yeshua’s Sheep
1, Peter states that he is writing to the
“STRANGERS” (resident foreigners -- #3927 in We are beginning to see a picture that not
Strong’s Concordance) scattered throughout ALL of physical Israel qualify as the Messiah’s
Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia. sheep. Many students of the Bible have made the
These were dispersed Israelites living in foreign mistake of believing that those who did not hear
nations. the Messiah’s voice were only non-Israelites,
1. Read I Peter, chapter 1. In verse 2 and were, therefore, not considered “sheep” on
WHAT does Peter call these “strangers”? account of their race. The Bible, however,
2. WHAT sort of “children” does Peter indicates that MANY of the literal flesh and
call them in verses 14-15? WHAT sort of blood Israelites also refused to hear the Messiah
children are “called” to be holy? and REJECTED him and his teachings.
3. In verse 23 Peter says the word of 1. Read Romans 9:1-33. In verse 3 Paul
YEHOVAH God is causing them to be WHAT is talking about his “brethren,” his “kinsmen
again? according to the” WHAT?
4. Read I Peter, chapter 2. In verse 2 2. He identifies these kinsmen, in verse
Peter refers to these Israelites as SOMETHING 4, as WHAT?
that is newborn -- desiring the “sincere milk” of 3. In verse 6 Paul says they are not all
the WHAT? WHAT “which are of Israel”?
5. In verse 5 Peter compares them to 4. Paul states in verse 7 that just because
“lively” PARTS of a “spiritual house” (the the Israelites have a certain relationship to
Kingdom). WHAT are these parts? He then calls Abraham (they are his WHAT?) not all of them
them a “holy” SOMETHING. What is that are necessarily his WHAT?
“something”? 5. In verse 8, what does Paul say they
6. In verse 9 what sort of generation does (the Israelites) are the children of? What does he
Peter call them? And WHAT sort of priesthood? say they are NOT?
He also calls them a holy SOMETHING and 6. After referring to YEHOVAH’s
what type of people? selection of Jacob over his twin brother Esau
7. Peter says, in verse 25, that they were (verses 10-13), Paul states in verse 16 that the
as SOMETHING “going astray. WHAT were CHOOSING is not of men but of whom?
they? However, he then says that they are “now 7. In verse 18 what does Paul say that
returned unto” WHOM? YEHOVAH has on some people, and what does
COMMENT: In these verses Peter He do to others?
describes the SHEEP of the Messiah -- those that COMMENT: In these verses we find
hear his voice and FOLLOW him. They are a some extremely important statements. Paul is
special group -- an elect -- chosen by talking about ISRAELITES, and he says that
YEHOVAH God “out of” physical Israel to be a NOT ALL those out of Israel (physical
holy and peculiar people. They are called out of descendants of Israel) are true Israel (spiritually
darkness through a REBIRTH (regeneration or reborn Israelites). He further explains this by
spiritual RESURRECTION). As new creatures stating that being the “seed” (LITERAL
in the Messiah (newborn babes), they begin a offspring) of Abraham does not make them all
process of spiritual growth and maturation. This “children,” (being a “fleshly” child does not
is the unfolding of the New Covenant promised automatically make one a child of promise).

The Messiah’s Sheep -- Modern-Day Israel
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