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Question 1: The Messiah’s “sheep” are those who, above all, do what?________________

Question 2: The word “follow” is translated from what Greek word?_________________

Question 3: Is there a connection between “disciples” and “sheep”?__________________

Question 4: Who are the ones who receive eternal life and enter the Kingdom?_________

Question 5: Is it true that Israelites walking after the “flesh” cannot please YEHOVAH

Question 6: What makes an Israelite a son of YEHOVAH God?_____________________

Question 7: Israelites of promise are___________of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God.

Question 8: What are the TWO types of Israelites in Galatians 4:23?_________________

Question 9: To which Israelites was the Gospel FIRST preached?____________________

Question 10: The non-Judean Israelites scattered throughout the nations were known as

Question 11: An “overseer” is one who________________or__________the congregation
or “ecclesia.”

Question 12: The result of the New Covenant is the implantation of_______________into
the hearts of the “sheep.”

Question 13: Ever since the time of the Messiah Israelites of the flesh have____________
those Israelites born after the spirit.

Question 14: Paul describes the two kinds of Israelites in Galatians 4 by means of an


The answers will be found in the next lesson. In approximately 3 weeks after receiving
Lessons 9 through 12, you will receive a mail-in test that covers these four lessons. The test
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Correspondence Course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you complete the
course with a grade of 75% or better you will also receive an Outstanding Student Award.

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