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Lesson 11 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Messiah’s Sheep -- Modern-Day Israel

LESSON 11 HOW do we recognize the difference?
5. In Luke 9:23 what does the Messiah
Who Are Yeshua’s Sheep? say a true Christian should do DAILY to follow
We saw in lesson six that YEHOVAH 6. In Matthew 10:38 Yeshua says that if
God called the Israel people “SHEEP of His we do not take up his “cross” -- his burden -- and
pasture.” Many times in the Bible the people of follow after him then we are not WHAT?
Israel are compared to SHEEP and a FLOCK. COMMENT: The words FOLLOW and
Yeshua also used these terms. Let us read what FOLLOWETH in the above verses are translated
he had to say about “his sheep.” from the Greek word akoloutheo. Strong’s
1. In John 10:14 how does Yeshua say Concordance defines this word (#190) as
that his sheep relate to him? He is WHAT “of follows: “to be in the same way with, i.e. To
mine”? accompany (specially as a disciple.)” Thayer’s
2. Then, in John 10:27, what does the Greek-English Lexicon indicates the fullest
Messiah say his sheep first do? Then, after this, extent this action can take: “to cleave steadfastly
what do his sheep do? to one, conform wholly to his example, in living
COMMENT: The above words of the and if need be in dying also.”
Messiah clearly show that HIS “sheep” are those Strong’s definition suggests that to
that KNOW him, HEAR his voice, and follow someone is to be that person’s disciple.
FOLLOW him. Do ALL physical Israelites The following scriptures illustrate this point.
today know, hear, and follow the Messiah? If
they do not, then by the Messiah’s own words To Follow is to Be a Disciple
they are NOT all HIS sheep! Many Israel
descendants have lived in rebellion to the 1. In Luke 14:27 the Messiah says we
Messiah and YEHOVAH God, and many CANNOT be WHAT if we don’t bear his cross
continue to do so even today. In fact, the and follow him?
majority of the so-called “Christians” today are 2. On the other hand, in John 8:31, the
following FALSE “christs” and choosing to Messiah says we ARE his disciples if we do
believe in PAGAN doctrines. Therefore, many WHAT?
Israelites today are “blind.” COMMENT: In the above verses,
3. In John 12:37-40, John reiterates what Yeshua calls those who believe on him and
Isaiah’s prophecy says about faithless Israelites follow him DISCIPLES. He also says that they
whose eyes and hearts were WHAT? See Isaiah must “continue” in his words. This suggests that
6:10. they must OBEY and LIVE by his words. To do
4. In both Romans 11:5-8 and II so, they must hear his voice and then FOLLOW
Corinthians 3:13-16, Paul says that blindness is him. Thus we can see a connection between
upon WHOM? And that only a “remnant” (those DISCIPLES and SHEEP.
who turn to the Messiah) obtained that which The Greek word for “disciple” --
they sought after? See also Isaiah 29:10. mathetes -- is defined, as follows: Strong’s
COMMENT: Some became “sheep of Concordance defines the Greek word mathetes
HIS pasture,” and some remained “blind and (#3101) as “a learner, i.e. A pupil.” It comes
lost.” from the Greek word manthano (#3129),

The Messiah’s Sheep -- Modern-Day Israel
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