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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 11

meaning “to learn.” 1. Read John 1:11-13. Verse 11 tells us
Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon that when the Messiah “came unto his own” they
defines the Greek word mathetes as “a learner, DID NOT do WHAT?
pupil, disciple: one who follows one’s teaching.” 2. According to verse 12, those who
OBEDIENCE seems to be a KEY received the Messiah and believed on his name
ingredient in being a disciple or sheep of the were given the power to become WHAT?
Messiah. This can be seen from the following 3. In verse 13 we learn that these
verses. believers were “born [begotten], not of blood,
3. According to the Messiah in John nor the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man,”
14:15, WHAT will we DO if we love him? but of WHOM?
4. In John 14:23 Yeshua says we will COMMENT: These verses provide
KEEP WHAT if we love him? additional evidence that only a PORTION of the
5. What are we to the Messiah if we do descendants of Israel accepted the Messiah and
whatsoever he commands us? John 15:14. believed on him. These were the ones who were
6. Concerning Yeshua’s mother and begotten (regenerated with spiritual life) by
brethren, the Messiah tells us that if we do the YEHOVAH God through the process of the New
WHAT of the Father we will become his Covenant. Could these be the SHEEP that hear
“brother, and sister, and mother”? the Messiah’s voice and follow him? If so, then
7. If we are to enter into the Kingdom of not ALL physical Israelites (LITERAL
YEHOVAH God what effect must YEHO- descendants of Jacob-Israel) could be his sheep
VAH’s commandments have on our lives? -- only PART of them!
Revelation 22:14. We have already seen that the Messiah
8. The apostle James tells us in James stated he was sent ONLY to the “lost sheep of
1:22 that we must interact with the word in what the house of Israel” (Matthew 15:24). Some
fashion? believe Yeshua was speaking ONLY of the
COMMENT: This would indicate that Israelites who were dispersed and scattered
those allowed to understand the word are abroad among the nations beyond the Palestine
expected to ACT upon that knowledge. area. However, the Bible disproves this.
Here we seem to see a NARROWING
DOWN of who the Messiah’s SHEEP truly are. Not All Scattered Abroad
Those who hear his voice (COMMANDMENTS
of the Father, sayings) and follow (OBEY) him, 1. Read Matthew 9:35-38. When the
as he obeys the Father, are called his Messiah looked out upon the multitudes he was
DISCIPLES, FRIENDS and BRETHREN. “moved with compassion on them“ because they
THEY ARE THE ONES WHO RECEIVE LIFE were like WHAT scattered abroad? Also, what
AND ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM. Do all didn’t they have to lead them?
physical Israelites today meet this standard? 2. In verse 37 WHAT is “plenteous” but
WHAT “are few”?
Do We Meet the Standard? 3. Read Matthew 10:1-15. In verses 5-7
WHOM did the Messiah send forth and tell them
Obviously NOT all Israelites today to preach the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God to
acknowledge Yeshua the Messiah as their king the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Judean
and savior. NOT all listen to his voice or follow Israelites) rather than to the Israelites in the
after him as he follows YEHOVAH God. nations (Gentiles) and in Samaria?
However, SOME do accept him and believe on COMMENT: The Gospel was preached
him. FIRST to the Judean Israelites and LATER to

The Messiah’s Sheep -- Modern-Day Israel
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