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Lesson 11 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

We have seen in this lesson what it NOTES:
means to be one of the Messiah’s sheep. We
have also discovered that not all Israelites are
“his sheep.” This discovery destroys the FALSE
TEACHING that it is only non-Israelites who do
not hear Yeshua’s voice and do not follow him.
We have seen a number of examples from the
Bible showing that many Israelites reject the
Messiah as well.
An additional FALSE TEACHING
which is promoted by some within the
“Christian” world today is that NONE of those
people called “Jews” in most modern Bible
translations and versions were Israelites. Some
say they were Edomites from the lineage of
Esau, while others go so far as to say they were
literal offspring of “Satan, the Devil.” This, they
claim, is why they could not “hear” the
Messiah’s words and refused to believe on him.
We have already learned in Lesson 2 that the
word “Jew” in the New Testament should have
been rendered JUDEAN. We also know that the
majority of people called “Jews” today have
little or nothing in common with the Judeans of
the Bible. Lesson 13 will examine in more detail
just WHO these people were that were called

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