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Lesson 11 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

What Paul is describing here is the result words what hieroglyphics are in painting. We
of the New Covenant -- the implantation of have a fine example of an allegory in the
YEHOVAH’s Law into the heart. He is saying eighteenth psalm, in which God’s chosen people
that being a literal, physical descendant of Israel are represented by a vineyard. The distinction in
is NO automatic “guarantee” of being reborn scripture between a parable and an allegory, is
into YEHOVAH God’s Kingdom and being one said to be that a parable is a supposed history,
of the Messiah’s sheep. It is, however, important and an allegory, a figurative description of real
to realize that those CHOSEN by YEHOVAH to facts.”
experience this rebirth/life are called “out of” 1. Read Galatians 4:21-31 and compare
PHYSICAL/DEAD ISRAEL. to Romans 9:6-9. According to verse 23, what
Paul also explains, in the remainder of was the son of the bondmaid “born after”? In
chapter 9, that this calling (choosing or contrast, what was the freewoman’s son “born
selection) of individuals by YEHOVAH God is after”?
purely at HIS discretion, as Sovereign Creator, 2. What does verse 24 tell us that Hagar
to show His power and mercy. (like the Old Testament and Old Jerusalem) was
Again, we see this idea of physical Israel born into (”gendereth to”)?
divided into TWO portions: those who hear the 3. What does verse 26 say that New
Messiah’s voice and follow him as he follows Jerusalem (the Bride of Promise) is?
YEHOVAH God (children of YEHOVAH -- 4. Now what does the first part of verse
children of promise), and those who REJECT 29 tell us about a certain type of person? And
him and live in REBELLION to YEHOVAH who does this “certain type of person”
God (children of the flesh). Both are the persecute?
LITERAL SEED (offspring) of Abraham, but 5. In verse 30 we see that the son of
only ONE represents the sons of YEHOVAH which woman (New Jerusalem) is to be an heir
God. This truth is repeated over and over (of the Kingdom)? And which woman and her
throughout the New Testament. son (Old Jerusalem -- flesh) is to be cast out?
6. What does Paul admonish us “to stand
Allegory of the Two Israelites fast therefore in” in Galatians 5:1? What does
he tell us not to be entangled again with?
Paul, by means of an allegory, describes COMMENT: Here we see a picture of
TWO KINDS of Israelites in the fourth chapter unregenerate Israelites (children of the flesh) in
of Galatians: those in BONDAGE (children of BONDAGE to the flesh (dead in sin) as opposed
the flesh), and those who are FREE (children of to regenerate Israelites (children of the promise)
promise). BOTH are PHYSICAL ISRAEL- made FREE and thus capable of receiving the
ITES, yet there is a significant difference New Covenant (through faith in the Messiah).
between them. We see the Israelites born after the flesh
At this point we should explain what PERSECUTING those Israelites born after the
exactly an allegory is. Webster’s 1828 spirit (just as they do today).
Dictionary explains an allegory as thus: “A However, we also see that the Israelites
figurative sentence or discourse, in which the of promise are HEIRS (inheritors) of the
principal subject is described by another subject KINGDOM of YEHOVAH God while the
resembling it in its properties and circumstances. others are cast out.
The principal subject is thus kept out of view, This allegory brings out two kinds of
and we are left to collect the intentions of the Israelites. Both are of the SAME SEED LINE,
writer or speaker, by the resemblance of the the same family of people, but some are the
secondary to the primary subject. Allegory is in Messiah’s sheep and some are not. We see again

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