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Lesson 11 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

other Israelites. YEHOVAH God desires to give them (the
4. According to verse 14, would ALL of sheep)?
these lost Judean Israelites accept the Messiah’s COMMENT: In the above verse, the
disciples and hear the Good News of the word FLOCK is translated from the Greek word
Kingdom of YEHOVAH God? poimnion. Strong’s Concordance defines this
COMMENT: The preceding verses word (#4168) as “figuratively, a group of
CLEARLY show that there were lost Israelites believers.” Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon
in the Palestine area AS WELL as scattered defines it as “a group of Christ’s disciples.” Here
abroad in the nations. Yeshua sent his disciples we see that those who believed on and followed
FIRST to the Judean Israelites (the disciples the Messiah were the LITTLE (but growing)
were later sent to the OTHER ISRAELITES -- FLOCK that received the Kingdom. Paul makes
the so-called “Gentiles”). NOT all of these reference to this “flock” in Acts, chapter 20.
Israelites accepted the Messiah and the Good 5. Read Acts 20:17-38. In verse 17 Paul
News of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God. is speaking to WHICH particular members of the
Further evidence exists to show that Yeshua had Church of YEHOVAH God in Ephesus?
“SHEEP” (Israelites) BOTH in Palestine and 6. What does Paul instruct the elders of
outside the area. the Church of YEHOVAH God to do in verse
Separate Folds 7. In verse 29 Paul WARNS that
something “grievous” would come in and draw
1. Read John 10:14-18. In verse 16 some of the flock away with perverse teachings.
Yeshua states, “And_________sheep I have, WHAT was it that was “grievous”?
which are not of this__________. COMMENT: In the foregoing verses,
COMMENT: This indicates other Paul is comparing the FLOCK to the
Israelites living beyond the immediate area. ECCLESIA or CHURCH of YEHOVAH God.
2. Continuing, in verse 16, what is it that (The word CHURCH is a poor and misleading
Yeshua says “there shall be one” of? And, also, translation. The Greek word is ekklesia, [#1577]
one WHAT to lead it? in Strong’s Concordance, defined as “a calling
COMMENT: This indicates that all his out, i.e. An elect assembly.” This refers to a
followers would be united WITH HIM. “GOVERNMENTAL” body rather than a
Here the Messiah is speaking of typical modern-day understanding of a
SEPARATE FOLDS of sheep (Israelites): the “religious” organization. This term will be
JUDEAN Israelites who first heard the Good studied in more detail in later lessons). Paul is
News, and the NON-JUDEAN Israelites admonishing these “elders” (shepherds) to
scattered throughout the nations (the so-called watch over and feed these “called-out ones” and
“Gentiles”). Yeshua makes a prophecy that ALL protect them from being led astray by false
FOLDS (all groups of sheep -- Israelites) will teaching. The word OVERSEERS is translated
hear his voice. Although his voice was “heard” from the Greek words skopos (#4649), meaning
in “all” folds, NOT EVERY individual Israelite “a watch (sentry or scout)” and epi (#1909),
accepted him and the Good News of the meaning “over.” Thus, an “overseer” is one who
Kingdom of YEHOVAH God! NOT all were “watches over” or guards. Rebellious,
“sheep.” Some Israelites were “goats” and disobedient Israelites were NOT included as part
“tares” (Matthew 25:32-33; 13:24-30). of the FLOCK or ECCLESIA -- only those
3. Read Luke 12:31-32. In verse 32, “called out” by YEHOVAH God.
WHAT does the Messiah refer to his sheep as?
4. Also, in verse 32, WHAT is it that

The Messiah’s Sheep -- Modern-Day Israel
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