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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 3

Had Josiah been prophesied by name to restore These customs come directly from ancient
the true worship of YEHOVAH God? I Kings paganism -- the worship of Nimrod and his
13:2-3. Compare with II Kings 22:1-2. mother -- to our world today. Now they are
6. What did Josiah do? Read thoroughly encouraged by professing “Christian” churches!
the 23rd chapter of II Kings. Compare it with 5. Did these Judahites look upon this
II Chronicles 34-35. pagan feast as a happy occasion when the whole
COMMENT: When the pagan holidays family could participate? Verse 18. But what did
Israel and Judah had observed were done away, YEHOVAH God say about it? Verses 19-20.
Josiah re-instituted the keeping of YEHOVAH’s 6. Did YEHOVAH God, through
Holy Days, according to YEHOVAH’s Law. Jeremiah, warn His people not to adopt the
customs of the heathen? Jeremiah 10:1-2. Does
YEHOVAH God’s Prophets Expose YEHOVAH God condone the custom of
Paganism preparing “Christmas trees”? Verses 3-4. What
does He say concerning the false ministers who
1. Was Josiah able to stamp out pagan teach these pagan customs? Verse 21.
rites completely during his reign? II Chronicles 7. YEHOVAH God also used Isaiah to
34:33. Did the people also serve YEHOVAH speak to His people. What did YEHOVAH think
God during Josiah’s lifetime? Same verse. of Israel’s pagan feasts and sacrifices? Isaiah
Nevertheless, did YEHOVAH’s wrath remain 1:13-14. Would YEHOVAH hear their prayers
against Judah because of the sins of Manasseh? while they were worshipping on days of their
II Kings 23:26-27. own invention? Verse 15. What did He
2. Did Josiah’s sons obey YEHOVAH command them? Verses 16-17.
God as he had done, or did they do evil? Read II COMMENT: YEHOVAH God refers
Kings 23:30-37. Note verses 32 and 37. What to the pagan feasts the people invented as “your
did YEHOVAH God say through Jeremiah appointed feasts.” In contrast He calls the Holy
about the pagan religion of the cities of Judah? Days He commanded, “My Holy Days” (Isaiah
Jeremiah 1:15-16. 58:13, Leviticus 23:2).
3. Did He say they offered incense to 8. Notice what Hosea says concerning
Baal? Jeremiah 7:9-10. What was the excuse Israel’s feasts of Baal. Did Israel use the
the people offered for their paganism? Verse 10. bountiful crops YEHOVAH had given her for
COMMENT: The people thought they the worship of Baal? Hosea 2:8. Did
were “delivered” or permitted to worship in YEHOVAH God say He would stop the revelry
whatever way they pleased. They thought they of Israel’s pagan feast days? Verse 11. Which
were, in today’s terminology, “under grace”! days were these -- YEHOVAH’s Holy Days, or
4. Did the people of Judah worship the the counterfeit feast days of Nimrod? Verse 13.
“queen of heaven” -- Semiramis? Jeremiah COMMENT: The Revised Standard
7:17-18. Version translates the beginning of verse 13,
COMMENT: Even today modern “And I will punish her for the FEAST DAYS of
Christianity continues the worship of Easter, the Baals ...."
and little “cakes,” called “hot cross buns,” are 9. Does the prophecy of Hosea 2:16-23
baked for the false “queen of heaven.” The apply to OUR day?
fertility symbols of this ancient pagan goddess COMMENT: This prophecy is for our
are perpetuated today as lies told to modern day and the near future -- the time YEHOVAH
children. Rabbits, known as a symbol of God will intervene in world affairs, remove
reproduction in all pagan religions, are said to pagan names from people’s lips, and bring true
“deliver” Easter eggs to modern boys and girls. peace and righteousness!

The Pagan Origins of Easter and Halloween
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