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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 3

true Biblical observances commanded by
YEHOVAH God. Paganism has always sought
to replace True Worship. As we have already
seen, the one condemnation YEHOVAH God
repeatedly leveled against Israel was their desire
to participate in the HEATHENISM of those
around them and worship OTHER DEITIES in
place of YEHOVAH.
If we are to please YEHOVAH God we
must NEVER place anything before
YEHOVAH and His way of life.
1. Notice what the apostle Paul says in 2
Corinthians 6:17. We must GIVE UP the ways
of a DECEIVED world that has no love of
COMMENT: It is amazing how much
our world is steeped in HEATHEN,
truth-supplanting tradition! The days of
LUPERCALIA are with us even in subtle ways.
As one writer observed, “Today we still refer to
A mosaic of St. Valentine of Rome one who fancies himself with the ladies as
something of a ‘wolf,’ and when a pretty girl

Every place the Romans conquered they walks down the street young men give a ‘wolf
took with them many PAGAN CUSTOMS -- whistle,’ which shows that the spirit of the
including the LUPERCALIA. While the Church Lupercalia is still with us.”
of Rome sought to stamp out the PAGAN 2. Consider 1 Corinthians 10:1-11.
PRACTICES brought in by various pagan COMMENT: To observe St.
worshipping groups, they were unsuccessful in Valentine’s Day is nothing less than
doing so. Since the church was unsuccessful in IDOLATRY! See verse 7 above.
stamping out these pagan practices -- loved by 3. What does the apostle Peter say in 1
the general populous -- the Catholic Church Peter 4:17?
simply GAVE IN and GAVE THESE PAGAN COMMENT: Those who have deeply
FESTIVALS CHRISTIAN NAMES! repented, been baptized into the name of Yeshua
Valentine’s Day is immortalized by the Messiah for the remission of sins and have
manufacturers of greeting cards and candy, had hands laid upon them for the gift of the holy
florists and clothiers. Merchants see the chance spirit, are being judged NOW!
to induce customers, through yet one more
holiday, to part with their money. “If you don’t Baalism “CHRISTened” by Catholic
give a gift at Valentine’s Day you don’t love Church
others” is the subtle message.
The big problem with involvement in Let’s understand who is responsible for
worldly holidays and special days of man is their accepting the rites and practices, the customs
RANK PAGAN ORIGINS that have NOTHING and traditions, the PAGAN holidays and
to do with worshipping the TRUE Creator God! festivals of Nimrod into modern so-called
Not only that, these days have REPLACED the Christianity.
1. Were men creeping into the true

The Pagan Origins of Easter and Halloween
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