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Lesson 3 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

4. When they were punished did they god” (Nimrod) by the ancient pagan world.
repent of their idolatry? Verses 16-19. Today a “queen of heaven” and “mother
COMMENT: The book of Judges is a of god” is worshipped by modern Christianity. Is
chronicle of the repeated rebellions of ancient there any connection? Some assume she is
Israel after they entered the land of Canaan. Each Yeshua the Messiah’s own mother Mary, who
time they forgot YEHOVAH’s Law, lost sight of some teach has ascended bodily into heaven.
His Holy Days and began to worship heathen Prayers are repeated to HER! But the Bible
gods on pagan holidays. When they did, shows the Messiah’s mother is yet in her grave
YEHOVAH God chastened them by allowing awaiting the resurrection -- just as King David is
them to be conquered by the Canaanites. yet in his grave! (Acts 2:29, 34.) It nowhere
teaches that Mary was taken up into heaven!
Kings Continued Pagan Worship How clear that the ancient PAGAN
“mother and child” concept has been
After the reign of Saul, YEHOVAH perpetuated in the guise of “Christianity”!
established the dynasty of David -- a man after 4. How did YEHOVAH God look upon
His own heart (Acts 13:22). But soon after Solomon’s idolatry? Verses 6, 9-10. Did
David was dead, his son Solomon forsook YEHOVAH warn Solomon that punishment for
YEHOVAH’s Law, and introduced pagan his sins would surely come? Verse 11. Who
religions into Israel! Notice the events that led would reign in Solomon’s place? Verses 12:13.
up to the division of his kingdom. Read also verses 26-40.
1. After the Temple was finished, did 5. Was Jeroboam also offered
YEHOVAH God renew His covenant with YEHOVAH’s blessing for obedience, and
Solomon? Read I Kings 9:1-9. Were the warned not to copy the customs of paganism?
conditions of the covenant the same as before -- Verse 38. How many of the tribes of Israel
had YEHOVAH changed? Verses 4-5. Did would Jeroboam rule? Verse 35.
YEHOVAH warn Solomon not to worship other 6. When Solomon died and his son
gods -- not to pollute the land with paganism? Rehoboam took the throne in Judah, did
Verses 6-7. YEHOVAH God take 10 tribes of Israel from
2. What punishment did YEHOVAH him and give them to Jeroboam, the servant, as
God promise to send if Solomon adopted pagan He had promised? Read the entire 12th chapter
ways? Verses 8-9. of I Kings.
3. Did Solomon introduce pagan worship COMMENT: The nation of Israel was
into Israel in spite of YEHOVAH’s warning? divided for adopting pagan worship! Adopting
Read I Kings 11:1-8. Did Solomon worship the customs of the heathen makes a difference
Semiramis -- Easter? Verse 5. Did he also indeed! Jeroboam ruled the northern 10 tribes --
worship Nimrod -- the first despot? Verses 5 known as the House of Israel, and Rehoboam
and 7. ruled only the remaining tribes of Judah, most of
COMMENT: Nimrod was called Levi, and Benjamin -- called the House of Judah.
Milcom and Molech by the Ammonites, and
Chemosh by the Moabites. The word “molech” Israel Institutes Pagan Holidays
is derived from the Hebrew word “melek,”
which meant “king.” The heathen nations Now that the 10 tribes of Israel had
worshipped Nimrod as the “king of kings” separated from Judah, they began to develop
because he was the world’s first tyrant! their own form of paganism. It was a blending of
Ashtaroth or Semiramis was worshipped YEHOVAH’s worship with the poison of pagan
as the “queen of heaven" and as the “mother of error.

The Pagan Origins of Easter and Halloween
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