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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 3

1. Did Jeroboam think that in order to end of October and the beginning of November!
maintain control of the 10 tribes of Israel he must It pictures a macabre scene of disinterment of the
stop their worship on YEHOVAH’s Holy Days? dead as ghosts and goblins.
I Kings 12:26-27. Did he tell them it was too Halloween is COMPLETELY PAGAN!
much trouble to go all the way to where It is nowhere commanded in YEHOVAH’s
YEHOVAH God had placed his name, just to Word. So why observe it? You will want to learn
keep the Holy Days? Verse 28. all about Halloween from our free article,
2. Which of YEHOVAH’s Holy Days Hallowe’en -- Trick? or Treat?
did Jeroboam counterfeit and corrupt with pagan
customs? Verses 32-33. YEHOVAH God Versus Baal
COMMENT: The Feast of Tabernacles
and the Last Great Day were held in the seventh After the division of the kingdom, the
month (Leviticus 23:33-39). That corresponds northern 10-tribe House of Israel went deeper
to about the time between the middle of and deeper into Baal worship. Read about it in I
September and the middle of October. Kings 16:28-33.
3. When was Jeroboam’s idolatrous feast 1. How did Ahab introduce Baal worship
held? I Kings 12:32. This eighth month into Samaria, the capital city of Israel? I Kings
corresponds to about the time between the 16:31-33. Did Ahab follow the ways of
middle of October and the middle of November. Jeroboam? Verse 31. What was YEHOVAH’s
COMMENT: The Latin word for eighth reaction to Ahab’s sin? Verse 33.
is “octo.” The eighth month is called October. 2. Did YEHOVAH God send Elijah to
What worldly holiday occurs around this time Ahab? I Kings 18:1-2.
today? HALLOWEEN IS celebrated at the very 3. Did Jezebel, Ahab’s wife, murder
YEHOVAH’s prophets in Israel? Verse 4.
4. What did Elijah tell Ahab? Verses
17-18. Did Elijah challenge Ahab and his false
ministers to a test? Verse 19.
5. What did Elijah say when the people
gathered to witness the test of Baal at Mount
Carmel? Verses 21-24. Did the people of Israel
any longer even know which “god” IS
YEHOVAH God? Verse 21.
COMMENT: The people did not feel it
was necessary to prove anything for themselves.
They just sat on the sidelines and watched the
contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal.
They had probably convinced themselves it
didn’t make any difference which customs they
observed. But by not choosing to follow
Children dressed up like demons and goblins, YEHOVAH God, they were automatically
and accompanied by parents, go from house to REBELLING against Him!
house on Halloween demanding treats. 6. In the contest which followed, how did
Halloween is also a night of destruction. Tens of the prophets of Baal call upon their false god?
thousands of dollars worth of damage is done Verses 25-29. Did they whip themselves into an
each year by young pranksters on this emotional frenzy? Verse 26. Did they torture
“hallowed” night of religious observance. themselves with cruel penance, assuming they

The Pagan Origins of Easter and Halloween
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