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Lesson 3 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

could force Baal to hear them? Verse 28. But Why the Fall of Israel
could Baal answer them? Verses 26, 29.
7. While the priests of Baal were Israel’s idolatry continued for many
involved in their superstitious rigamarole of years. Each succeeding king perpetuated pagan
pagan religion, what did Elijah do? Verse 27. holidays for the people to observe in honor of
COMMENT: Elijah taunted them by pagan gods. Finally Israel’s sins completely cut
asking why Baal didn’t answer. Was Baal out them off from YEHOVAH’s protection, and
walking? Was he away from Carmel on a trip? they were carried away captive into Assyria.
Was Baal sleeping? Elijah used biting sarcasm. Read about it in II Kings 17.
Today YEHOVAH God has promised to 1. Did Israel continue to sin against
send His prophets in the spirit and power of YEHOVAH God? II Kings 17:7. Did their
Elijah (Malachi 4:5-6). Is it wrong for idolatry increase even after the time of
YEHOVAH’s true ministers to use some fitting Jeroboam? Verse 8 -- note the word “kings” is
sarcasm to show how foolish the pagan customs plural. See also verse 16.
of the false ministers of this world are? Certainly 2. Did Israel worship paganism openly --
not! One of the reasons YEHOVAH God sends or did they try to keep it secret? Verse 9. Did
His ministers is to expose the evil of false they carry on customs like the heathen? Verses
religion in this world, so that people will know 10-12.
the difference and choose the good. Sometimes a 3. Did YEHOVAH God diligently send
barbed statement makes the point much better His ministers to show the people their sins, and
than it could otherwise be made. plead with them to repent and keep His
8. Did Elijah pray fervently that commandments and statutes? Verse 13.
YEHOVAH God would hear him and consume Remember that YEHOVAH’s Holy Days are
his offering? I Kings 18:36. statutes. Did Israel repent? Verses 14-17.
9. Did YEHOVAH God answer when 4. Which tribe was left in the land? -- the
Elijah prayed? I Kings 18:37-38. Were the House of Judah only? Verse 18. Was Judah
people convinced? Verse 39. What did they then faithful, or did the Jews also follow the pagan
do with the false ministers of Baal? Verse 40. ways Israel had introduced? Verse 19.
COMMENT: Israel had a CHOICE. 5. Some of Judah’s kings uprooted the
Elijah told them to either follow YEHOVAH worship of Baal -- Nimrod -- and restored
God all the way, or follow Baal. The SAME YEHOVAH’s law. Among them was Josiah.
CHOICE must be made today!
What about you? Are you, in effect,
worshipping Nimrod -- or Baal -- by observing
his pagan holidays which YEHOVAH God
condemns? Or do YOU CHOOSE TO serve
YEHOVAH wholeheartedly, and keep the days
HE made HOLY?
10. But did Ahab and Jezebel repent? I
Kings 19:1-2. What did YEHOVAH say of
Ahab? I Kings 21:25-26.
11. Did Ahab’s son, Ahaziah, continue
to worship Baal when he took the throne? I
Kings 22:51-53. Did he follow the sins of Hotcross buns are mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18.
Jeroboam? Verse 52. The word “cakes” is translated from the Hebrew
word “kavan” and should be rendered “buns”!

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