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Lesson 3 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

church of YEHOVAH God in the time of Jude -- character of their mother! For a specific case
men who were turning the grace of YEHOVAH send for our article, Ellen G. White --
God into “lasciviousness” -- licence to disobey Messenger or Medium?
YEHOVAH? Jude 4. 5. Was it not the ROMAN CATHOLIC
2. Had some in Pergamos accepted the CHURCH which compromised with the
doctrine of the Nicolaitans? Revelation 2:15. paganism of the old world and adopted it as
Were the FALSE MINISTERS of Satan “Christian”? Read the answer in the comment
organized into a church or synagogue? Verse 9. below.
Did some in Pergamos adopt the doctrine of COMMENT: Notice the testimony of
Balaam? Verse 14. Walter Johnson, British archaeologist: “ the
edict of Theodosius
(A.D. 392), pagan
shrines were to be
dedicated as Christian
churches. Later, the
edict of Honorius
(A.D. 408) definitely
forbad the demolition
of heathen temples...."
Johnson continues,
“Again, pagan festivals
were converted into
Christian holy days
[holidays]. The yule-
tide merrymakings in
honor of Thor -- revels
which have also been
St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome -- Headquarters of this world’s pagan
connected by some
religious holidays.
writers equally with the
COMMENT: The doctrine of Balaam gods Adonis, Diony-
was a doctrine of COMPROMISE with sus, and Mithra -- became the festival
paganism. Read about it in Numbers 25. Notice celebration of the birth of Christ.... Thus, by the
there how the Israelites compromised by retention of holy oaks, of idolatrous feasts, of
attending the worship service of the Midianites pagan symbols and ceremonies, of the heathen
who worshipped Baal-Peor. names for the days of the week, the new religion
3. Did Christians of Thyatira follow this gained entrance."
theme of compromise and allow a “woman,” Johnson concludes: “Christian and
whose character was like that of Jezebel, to pagan ideas were blended. Following ... the only
commit sin in their midst? Revelation 2:20. practical method -- that of peaceful permeation
4. Who is this modern Jezebel? Isn’t the -- the church often retained the forms of heathen
great false church pictured as a woman? ceremonies, while actually investing these with
Revelation 17:1-2, 5. Didn’t Jezebel have new meanings" (Byways In British
CHILDREN -- more than one? Revelation 2:23. Archaeology, by Walter Johnson, pages 25, 27).
Compare Isaiah 47:8-9 with Revelation 18:7-8. 6. Were these adopted pagan holidays
These are DAUGHTER CHURCHES who came and ceremonies passed on to the “protesting”
out of Rome PROTESTING, but still have the daughters of the Roman Church -- the Protestant

The Pagan Origins of Easter and Halloween
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