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Lesson 23 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

THINGS [that is, ALL THE
UNIVERSE!!!] under his feet.”
3. The apostle Paul
referred to this Scripture in
Hebrews 2:8.
COMMENT: He clarifies
it by saying that “He left
NOTHING that is not put under
him.” YEHOVAH God intends
for mankind, after he repents of
his sins and learns his lessons, and
learns to obey YEHOVAH God,
and develops righteous, holy,
Godly character, to become
CHILDREN whom He will give
AUTHORITY to rule the entire
Cosmos -- the UNIVERSE -- all
the galaxies and star systems of
4. With this in mind, read
what Paul says in Romans 8:18. Mankind will eventual inherit and rule over the galaxies in the far
COMMENT: Paul was so reaches of space.
overwhelmed by the thought of
mankind’s destiny that he exclaimed, “For I offspring, greatness, increase.” The word for
consider that the sufferings of this present time “end” is the Hebrew word quetz and means
are not worthy to be compared with the GLORY “extremity, utmost, border, finite.” In other
which shall be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18). words, YEHOVAH God is telling us here that
How incredibly awesome is the plan of the growing and multiplying and INCREASING
YEHOVAH’s Kingdom will have NO
Onward and Forward Forever! “limitation” or “border” or be in any sense
“finite” or “limited.” The increase will grow and
Will YEHOVAH God’s plan of repro- continue like “compound interest,” FOREVER
ducing Himself, expanding His Divine Family, AND EVER AND EVER -- throughout the
through human beings made in His express future ages and aeons of time and space!
image and likeness, continue throughout all 2. There is further evidence of this in the
eternity? There are many indications in the Bible book of Genesis -- notice Genesis 9:12-16.
that this is so. COMMENT: In verse 12 the word for
1. Consider Isaiah 9:6-7. “generations” refers to HUMAN generations.
COMMENT: Notice that it says, “Of The word for “perpetual” is the Hebrew word
the increase of His government and peace olam which literally means “forever, eternity,
THERE WILL BE NO END...from that time the vanishing point.” The expression
forward, EVEN FOREVER.” The word “PERPETUAL GENERATIONS” therefore
“increase” in this passage is the Hebrew word implies that human reproduction will go on
marbyth and literally means “multitude, FOREVER -- IT IS THE PLAN OF YEHOVAH

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