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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 23

GOD TO CONTINUE REPRODUCING BE- continue onward and forward -- for ALL
INGS IN HIS VERY LIKENESS AND IMAGE -- ETERNITY, “to the vanishing point,” that is,
HIS OWN SONS AND DAUGHTERS -- FOR- throughout “all ages”!
EVER!!! Truly, there is far more meaning and
3. For a final proof of this read significance to “The Eighth Day” -- Shemini
Deuteronomy 7:7-8. Atzeret -- than mankind has ever begun to
COMMENT: Here YEHOVAH tells imagine or entertain in his mind!
His people Israel that He has CHOSEN them as 5. Notice what Paul says in I
His special people -- not because of their own Corinthians 2:9.
greatness, or goodness, but that He chose them COMMENT: Think of it! We, who are
because He loved them, and Abraham, Isaac and called now, have the opportunity to get in on the
Jacob, their ancestors, to whom He had made “ground floor,” so to speak, of YEHOVAH’s
wonderful promises, which He fully intends to Kingdom -- to be a part of the BRIDE of the
keep. Messiah, to be the “Israel of God” (Galatians
4. Notice what YEHOVAH then said to 6:16). The rest of the nations, mankind,
Israel. Deuteronomy 7:9. including our own children who are not called
COMMENT: The Hebrew word for now, in this age, will become members of
“generations” here is dor and literally means YEHOVAH’s Kingdom at a later time, when
“ages,” “generations,” revolutions.” In the their “calling” comes to fruition.
Bible, one of the key definitions of a 6. Notice what Paul says in Romans
“generation” is found in Numbers 14. If we use 11:26-32.
the number “40” as the length of a Biblical 7. Thinking on these marvelous things,
“generation,” then YEHOVAH’s statement in what does Paul say in Romans 11:33-36?
Deuteronomy 7:9 that He would bless the
righteous “to a thousand generations” would Vast Majority to be Saved
compute to a time period of 40 years times 1,000
generations -- in other words, 40 X 1000 = YEHOVAH God Almighty, in His
40,000 years!! wisdom, has devised the best possible way for
Clearly, when we put all these Scriptures men of all times and nations to receive salvation
together, there will be human beings born in the and eternal life.
new heavens and new earth! They also will be This Master Plan is so simple yet so
given an opportunity -- without Satan or his effective that the overwhelming majority of
demonic hordes to tempt or seduce them -- to mankind will flee the corruption of their
qualify for salvation and eternal life! desperately wicked human nature, and turn
They will live in a wonderful Garden of gratefully to YEHOVAH God -- submitting to
Eden-like world, like Adam and Eve, only this His guidance and government. But if salvation
time there won’t be Satan or his demons to were guaranteed to every man -- it wouldn’t be
deflect, sidetrack, deceive, or seduce them! But necessary for you to struggle with and overcome
they will have billions of “sons of YEHOVAH your own wicked human nature. No righteous
god,” already in YEHOVAH’s Kingdom, ready character could be built.
to help, instruct, guide and teach them, at a A very few people out of all the earth’s
moment’s notice! And when they have qualified, population ever fail in YEHOVAH’s plan. They
they, too, will become spirit beings -- literal fail because they stubbornly insist on their own
“sons of YEHOVAH God” in the ever- ways -- the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12 and
expanding KINGDOM OF YEHOVAH GOD! 16:25). They persist in living rebellious, sinful
YEHOVAH God’s Great Plan will lives, making themselves and everyone else

The Last Great Day -- A New Beginning!
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