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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 23

Revelation 20:24-27. But, and notice this, it also describes, in a
COMMENT: The term “saved” also has vivid and clear fashion, the “new heavens and
a “present” connotation to it -- that is, the Greek new earth” (Isaiah 65:17). It clearly states that
word “saved” also means “those who are in a in that New Heavens and New Earth, THERE
saved condition,” or “those who are in the WILL BE CHILDREN BORN -- that YEHO-
process of being saved” (see I Corinthians VAH’s plan of procreation and multiplication of
1:18, 15:2; II Corinthians 2:15; II Timothy Sons of YEHOVAH God through human
1:9). As a result, this verse has another beings, will continue, throughout the ages, and
incredible and fantastic implication! perhaps even “beyond time”!
4. Notice Isaiah 65. 6. What did Yeshua the Messiah plainly
COMMENT: In this chapter Isaiah the tell the apostle John in Revelation 21:5?
“Shemini Atzeret” (the
Last Great Day) in
reality the “staging
ground,” the threshold,
of the NEXT PHASE of
YEHOVAH’s plan? Its
very name identifies it as
a “new beginning.”
YEHOVAH God will
create a “new begin-
ning” when He creates
new heavens and a new
earth. Yeshua the Messi-
ah plainly told John -- “I
7. Notice what the
apostle Peter writes in II
An artist’s rendition of the New Jerusalem descending to earth.
Peter 3:10-13.
prophet describes the incredible scene of the COMMENT:
New Heavens and the New Earth. He says that Here Peter writes of that coming awesome time.
this is something to be rejoicing about
FOREVER -- that is, for all eternity! YEHOVAH’s Incredible Plan
5. But notice what ELSE he says about
this stupendous, fantastic time. Isaiah 65:17-25. 1. Notice what YEHOVAH God says in
COMMENT: This passage is clearly the book of Genesis. Genesis 1:26-28.
DUAL in application. It describes the Messianic COMMENT: How much authority does
Kingdom of Yeshua the Messiah, who is coming YEHOVAH God really intend to give mankind?
soon to establish the Kingdom of YEHOVAH 2. What does David tell us in the Psalms?
God on earth, as the fulfillment of hundreds of Psalm 8:4-6.
Messianic prophecies, and also the return of COMMENT: Notice that David says
YEHOVAH God Himself to rule with the “You have made him to have dominion over the
Messiah! works of Your hands; You have put ALL

The Last Great Day -- A New Beginning!
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