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Lesson 23 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

around them miserable. With parts of the earth immersed in the
These people have proven by their cleansing Lake of Fire as a type of baptism, the
repeated willful acts of sin they will not let cycle of creation is complete. Rising from the
YEHOVAH God govern them through His Lake of Fire, a spiritual NEW HEAVENS and a
spirit. They have willfully rejected YEHO- NEW EARTH WILL APPEAR. THIS IS the site
VAH’s ways. of YEHOVAH’S NEW project. Notice verse 17
YEHOVAH God will give everyone all should read, “For, behold, I AM CREATING
the help, encouragement and
opportunity for success needed
to inherit eternal life.
QUIT HELPING you! But these
rebellious people have quit on
YEHOVAH! They no longer
show by their actions they really
want to inherit eternal life and so
YEHOVAH, in love, will not
give it to them.
In order to secure peace
and prosperity -- order, real
happiness and success through-
out all eternity -- YEHOVAH
God can’t allow these wicked All those who refuse to repent will be cast into the Lake of Fire to
people to make life miserable be destroyed and to remain dead forever.
for others around them.
Although YEHOVAH certainly has no pleasure new heavens and a new earth...." Let’s get a
in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 18:31-32), glimpse of this new project YEHOVAH God has
these sinful people must be put out of the way. promised to begin.
They must not be allowed to make themselves 2. We read of another aspect of this
and others unhappy any longer. renewal process in the New Testament.
Let’s recap the wind-up of YEHOVAH Revelation 21:1 and II Peter 3:10.
God’s Master Plan and see what follows after the COMMENT: This quotation, from II
Great White Throne Judgment period pictured Peter 3:10 -- “the earth and the works that are in
by the 7th and last day of the Feast of it will be BURNED UP” -- is a glaring mistrans-
Tabernacles. lation of the Greek in the Authorized or King
James Version of this text.

New Heavens and New Earth The word EARTH (from the Greek term
GE) means “land” or “any particular district of
1. Now that all YEHOVAH’s children country,” and the words “BURNED UP” is a
are born into His spiritual family, what is His mistranslation of the Greek term KATAKAIO
new plan? Isaiah 65:17-19. which literally means “to find,” “to discover” or
COMMENT: The Hebrew word “bara” “to uncover” -- and NOT burned up at all. The
used in Isaiah 65:17 and translated “create” is Rotherham and other versions of the Bible
actually the participial form of the verb, and render it “discovered,” and it is clear that Peter is
should therefore be properly translated, here speaking of the day when the waters of the
“creating.” oceans will be re-orbited in the form of rings (the

The Last Great Day -- A New Beginning!
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