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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 23

THEM LIFE -- NEVER ONCE HAVING SEEN Holy Days, symbolizing the pouring out of
A BIBLE OR HEARD THE NAME OF YEHOVAH’s spirit and a new beginning!
THEIR EARS? A Common Misconception
Are these poor ignorant people forever
lost? Is the hope of salvation and eternal life The Messiah told his disciples to follow
forever beyond their grasp? his example, to do the same things he himself
Can you imagine a merciful and just God had done. “If ye know these things,” said the
condemning innocent little children -- whose Messiah, “happy are ye if ye do them” (John
lives were cut short before they could either 13:17).
walk or talk -- to remain dead for all eternity 1. Did the Messiah observe the Feast of
without the knowledge of YEHOVAH God’s Tabernacles in New Testament times? John 7:2,
happy way of life? Is that the kind of sadistically 8-10.
cruel God you want to serve? COMMENT: The Feast of Tabernacles
OF COURSE NOT! is a seven-day Festival. It is followed by an
That is the God preached by the false eighth day -- the Last Great Day -- the last of the
ministers of this world. But the God of your seven annual Holy Days which YEHOVAH God
Bible is NOT THAT KIND OF GOD!! ordained. However, the terms “Great Day of the
YEHOVAH God is a God of love. He is Feast” and “Last Great Day” have been confused
also a God of justice. He punishes the wicked for by many churches.
their willful sins. But what of the millions for 2. What day is the apostle John referring
whom the Messiah died, yet who never knew of to in John 7:37?.
YEHOVAH’s provision for their salvation? Are COMMENT: In the New King James
they doomed forever? Version of the Bible the term “great day of the
Not at all! feast” is used which many have taken to mean
How, then, are they to learn of salvation? the eighth day or Shemini Atzeret. However, this
The answer to this is revealed in the Feast of simply is NOT true!
Tabernacles step in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan! This same verse, in the Jewish New
This we covered in Lesson 20. Testament, is rendered, “Now on the last day of
YEHOVAH God has, in His fairness, the festival [of Tabernacles or Sukkot]
planned for everyone who has ever lived to HOSHANA RABBAH, Yeshua stood and cried
receive the very same opportunity for salvation out, ‘If anyone is thirsty, let him keep coming to
you are being given! me and drinking!’”
Just as the week is not complete without 3. The last day of the Feast of
the Sabbath Day, so YEHOVAH’s Master Plan Tabernacles -- THE SEVENTH OR FINAL
is not complete without YEHOVAH’s seventh DAY -- is called Hoshana Rabbah (The Great
annual Holy Day! Hoshannas) and pictures the final day of
Seven is YEHOVAH’s special number salvation or harvest -- the Great White Throne
signifying completion and perfection. Without judgment which occurs at the close of the
the knowledge of this seventh annual Holy Day, Millennium. See Revelation 20:5-14.
you can’t understand the perfection of 4. What was the Messiah preaching on
YEHOVAH God’s Master Plan. Hoshana Rabbah, the 7th and last day of the
You are ready to begin the twenty-third Feast of Tabernacles? John 7:37-39.
lesson. In order to understand this final phase -- 5. Did the Messiah speak of the time of
the wind-up -- of YEHOVAH God’s plan, you the final resurrection in connection with the last
must understand the last of YEHOVAH’s annual day of the Feast of Tabernacles? Compare John

The Last Great Day -- A New Beginning!
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