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Lesson 23 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

COMMENT: Beginning during the Meaning of Shemini Atzeret -- The Last
second week of the seventh month, King Great Day
Solomon held a feast in celebration of the
dedication of the new temple. This celebration As we have already seen, the Fall
included feasting and rejoicing for seven days (I Festivals picture the whole plan of YEHOVAH
Kings 8:65 and II Chronicles 7:9), until the end God. The Feast of Rosh Hoshana (Trumpets)
of the 14th day of the seventh month. During this pictures the call to repentance (the blowing of
time Israel observed the fast day -- the Day of trumpets of warning) and the return of the
Atonement -- on the 10th of the month. The Messiah, followed by the Day of Atonement, or
people then celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles Yom Kippur, which pictures the Judgment Day
for seven days (I Kings 8:65). Immediately after when the Messiah judges the world. This holy
the Feast of Tabernacles, YEHOVAH’s people day is followed by the seven-day Feast of
observed the last or eighth day (II Chronicles Sukkot, or “Ingathering,” which pictures the
7:9). It was a solemn assembly held on the 22nd Millennial reign of YEHOVAH God and the
day of the seventh month. This day always falls Messiah, for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:10-14).
on a weekly Sabbath. On the next day the people The last day of this feast (Sukkot or Taber-
returned to their homes (II Chronicles 7:10). nacles), the seventh or final day, called Hoshana
6. After the Israelites had been taken into Rabbah, pictures the final day of salvation or
captivity for neglecting YEHOVAH God’s harvest -- the Great White Throne judgment,
Sabbaths, and forgetting His Holy Day Master which occurs at the close of the Millennium
Plan, a few of the people were permitted to (Revelation 20:5-14).
return to Palestine. Under Ezra and Nehemiah, But what happens AFTER this final
did this remnant remember that YEHOVAH’s period of JUDGMENT of the multiple billions
Master Plan was not complete until the eighth of people on the earth -- including all who never
day was observed? Nehemiah 8:14-18 understood YEHOVAH’s truth, the vast
7. How was the eighth day celebrated in numbers of “Gentiles,” and those who were not
Nehemiah’s time? Verse 18, note the words, called to be part of the “firstfruits” from the
“according to the manner.” dead? What happens after they have been
COMMENT: The eighth day was kept “harvested” and “in-gathered” into the Kingdom
according to the manner that was written in the of YEHOVAH God?
Book of the Law, Leviticus 23:36. 1. Notice Revelation 21:1-5.
8. What does it mean to keep the eighth 2. Now go to Revelation 21:10-16.
day as a “solemn assembly"? Nehemiah 8:18 COMMENT: Could this magnificent
and Leviticus 23:36. city be in the shape of the Holy of Holies of
COMMENT: The words translated YEHOVAH’s Temple in Jerusalem -- a huge
“solemn assembly” in the King James Version magnificent CUBE? It will represent the “Holy
should properly read, “day of restraint” (see of Holies” in the earth, which will be the very
marginal reference) from the Hebrew. The throne of YEHOVAH God. Those who will be
Septuagint clarifies this phrase, “a closing day,” the “Bride” of the Messiah -- those who are in
indicating that the eighth day -- sometimes the FIRST RESURRECTION -- will dwell with
referred to as The Last Great Day of the Feast of YEHOVAH God and the Messiah in this
Tabernacles -- was the final Holy Day in magnificent “Holy of Holies”!
YEHOVAH’s Master Plan. 3. But notice further. Outside this city, in
the magnificent New Earth, will dwell ALL
saved, and given immortality and eternal life!

The Last Great Day -- A New Beginning!
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