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Lesson 20 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

of Simon Magus’ followers. They date from the Zechariah 14:18-19.
days of the Emperor Constantine who forced his COMMENT: Many in Egypt will be
Sunday and Easter on the professing Christian sure to say, “We don’t care whether it rains or
church in place of YEHOVAH’s Holy Days. not! We have the Nile! We’ve never had rain
There would have been no reason to try anyway before this recent revolution in the
to add this verse to the Bible. But there is every weather!" Egypt has always been a river-made
reason why men would like to tear it out of the oasis in the midst of centuries-old deserts. Those
inspired text! that stubbornly refuse to obey will suffer from
The counterfeit church which developed the plague until they submit.
within the bounds of the Roman Empire was And there will be other rebel nations, but
never willing to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. It “there shall be the plague, wherewith the LORD
was a pagan church. But YEHOVAH’s true [YEHOVAH God] will smite the heathen
people do keep it. (Hebrew: “nations”) that come not up to keep the
Still extant records from Cox’s Feast of Tabernacles." (Zechariah 14:18.) After
Literature of the Sabbath Question actually one or two years of this, all will be keeping the
name names of individual Sabbath and Holy Feast.
Day keepers who lived in England over 400 There are those who think YEHOVAH
years ago. This is the Church which is really God doesn’t mean THEY should keep His feasts
founded on the NEW Testament -- on the today. They say: “Well, I’ll keep the days God
Messiah’s example, and on the teaching of the made holy when I have TO, BUT I WON’T
Messiah’s apostle to the House of Israel! KEEP THEM NOW." But YEHOVAH God
shows that only those who obey Him now will be
House of Israel to Keep the Feast in the protected through the time of trouble just ahead.
Millennium 5. Where will the people of this area go to
keep the festival? Will YEHOVAH God make it
1. In the Millennium, will Israelite tribes conveniently close to home for them all, so being
other than Judah keep the Feast? Hosea 12:8, 9. a Christian will not be too difficult? Zechariah
2. Will all the Gentile nations join with 14:16-17.
Israel in keeping the Feast of Tabernacles?
Zechariah 14:16. Will YEHOVAH God start Time of Great Physical and Spiritual
immediately to reeducate the people of the world Rejoicing
through His Holy Days to know He is the LORD,
and that His Master Plan provides for all to be 1. Now perceiving its meaning, did
saved? Nehemiah’s company find this Feast of
COMMENT: To receive salvation even Tabernacles a time of “very great” gladness?
the Gentiles will have to keep this festival. Of Nehemiah 8:17.
course -- it is commanded forever! (Leviticus 2. Does YEHOVAH God intend for
23:41.) everyone regardless of age, social strata or
3. What will happen if they refuse to be economic level -- to rejoice in the Feast of
reeducated, in their ignorance refusing Tabernacles? Deuteronomy 16:14.
salvation? Zechariah 14:17. Will YEHOVAH 3. Does this verse also show that
God have to rule at first with “a rod of iron” until YEHOVAH God intends for a man to take his
people are convinced that their fathers’ ways -- wife and children to rejoice with him at the Feast
their “old-time religions” -- are not “good of Tabernacles? Same verse, and Deuteronomy
enough” for them? Malachi 4:1, 3. 12:5, 7, 12. Haven’t we already seen that
4. And if the nations still won’t obey? attendance of all grown males is absolutely

Feast of Tabernacles -- THE WORLD TOMORROW
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