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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 20

mandatory? Deuteronomy 16:16.
4. Does YEHOVAH say
that good food such as sizzling
steaks and expensive delicacies
should be bought and eaten to
multiply our joy and happiness
during this feast? Deuteronomy
14:26. Does this show what
wonderful abundance there will be
in the Millennium of the
wonderful world tomorrow?
COMMENT: Over and
over YEHOVAH God tells us that
the Feast of Tabernacles is a time
of exceedingly great rejoicing!
To fleshly Israel, the Feast
of Tabernacles should have been YEHOVAH God intends that His Feast of Tabernacles be really
the most joyous of all YEHO- enjoyed to the full with good food, drink and fellowship.
VAH’s Feasts because it was
celebrated just at the season when the winter’s and possessions of YEHOVAH God -- the whole
store was in. If Israel had followed created universe -- to use fully.
YEHOVAH’s ways, her blessings in material 5. When the holy spirit is being poured
things always would have been greater than out freely, what will happen to the natures of
other nations. She would have had abundant men and animals? Isaiah 11:6-9. Will
reason to rejoice at this season. YEHOVAH God even change the digestive
But the happiness and joy and prosperity systems of carnivorous animals so they will be
pictured by the Feast of Tabernacles WILL come able to receive their nourishment from
about universally under the righteous and vegetation? Verse 7 and Isaiah 65:25.
enlightened rule of YEHOVAH God. Obedience COMMENT: This coming Millennial
to the spiritual principles of YEHOVAH’s laws change in the very natures of humans and
and YEHOVAH’s revealed way of life will animals -- no more to harm or destroy -- is
make the World Tomorrow a deliriously, CHIEF reason why the Feast of Tabernacles
gloriously happy place! previews this time with such great rejoicing!
Those striving to grow to spiritual
perfection, fit to be spirit beings in the What Will YEHOVAH’s Government Be
Millennium, can learn now to use freely, yet Like?
safely and efficiently, ALL the material
blessings given them. The Feast of Tabernacles YEHOVAH God’s Government is NOT
gives the opportunity to live abundantly for one a democracy. YEHOVAH will RULE SU-
week. YEHOVAH God has COMMANDED PREME. Power shall “be given” to His saints.
YOU to live above what you would be See Daniel 7:14, 27.
nominally able to afford even to splurge, that The Messiah will be over the saints. He is
you may learn by experience while properly in the position of the Husband. The saints -- born
picturing the wealth the whole world will enjoy. again, now immortal sons of YEHOVAH God --
If you are accounted worthy to be in the together constitute the bride of the Messiah.
first resurrection, you will have all the powers They are in the position of a wife, subject to her

Feast of Tabernacles -- THE WORLD TOMORROW
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