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Lesson 20 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

it will be extremely centralized, having all its
policies based on the over-all pattern laid down
from world headquarters by YEHOVAH God
and the Messiah, responsive and responsible to
YEHOVAH Himself.
It will be perfectly organized, devoid of
useless “red tape," bumbling, stumbling excess-
baggage bureaucracies.
This divine government will be
permanent (Daniel 7:14, 18). It will not need to
cater to special organized groups or classes to
get votes. No elections, no campaigning, no
politicians squandering money, wasting months
of their tenure seeking re-election!
No demented, fanatical, vicious assassin
can then kill a ruler. They will be immortal, not
subject to death.
There will be no insurrections, no
In the World Tomorrow campaigning for public rebellions -- YEHOVAH God can’t be
office will not only be unnecessary -- it will NOT overthrown. Satan proved that! Nor will any
be allowed! Yeshua the Messiah will appoint member of YEHOVAH’s Family ever turn into
those qualified to govern. another Adversary. Every member will have
been proved in advance. Each will SERVE -- in
Husband -- Yeshua the Messiah. genuine love and concern for his subjects, never
1. In the Millennium, how will acting selfishly (Matthew 20:26).
YEHOVAH’s supreme government be Are you preparing to exercise that kind
administered in all parts of the earth? Luke of rulership?
19:17, 19. Here are local administrative districts 5. How will these immortal spirit rulers
-- some larger, some smaller! serve the people? Revelation 1:6; 5:10; I
2. Does Luke 13:28 indicate who will Corinthians 6:2.
have high positions under the Messiah in the COMMENT: To curb tyranny, ruler-
Kingdom of YEHOVAH God? ship exercised by mortal men is necessarily
3. Will the Messiah have certain other divided up into separate functions. America has
chief assistants, each over a major nation? Luke today separate executive, legislative, and
22:30; Psalm 122:5; Isaiah 32:1. Revelation judicial branches of government. In addition, the
20:4, 6 shows the time! teaching field is completely apart from
COMMENT: This is government from government in “democratic” countries. These
the top down -- OF the people and FOR the are all respectively the functions of “kings and
people but NOT by the people. priests.”
4. How much power will each The four functions will be UNITED in
subordinate ruler exercise in his own area? YEHOVAH God’s Kingdom. Government will
Revelation 2:27. be in the hands of a “spirit race.” From
COMMENT: In one sense this YEHOVAH’s Family originate the laws -- the
government will be decentralized because there legislative function. YEHOVAH’s Family will
will be absolute and definite authority on the enforce the laws -- the executive function. It will
spot in all parts of the world. Yet in another sense also interpret them and adjudge guilt -- the

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