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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 20

single day, to be fulfilled like the Days of Did Solomon call the people early to the Feast to
Trumpets and Atonement in a single event. But spend a week in dedicating the newly finished
the Feast of Tabernacles or Ingathering demands temple? Verse 65.
full seven days, denoting that YEHOVAH 4. But had Israel ever COMPLETELY
God’s great FALL harvest must be COM- fulfilled YEHOVAH’s instructions concerning
PLETED over a period of time rather than at one the Feast of Tabernacles after the death of the
climactic moment. Seven is a number signifying one generation who personally witnessed
completion. YEHOVAH’s miracles? Nehemiah 8:17.
People will be born again into 5. What did wicked King Jeroboam do
YEHOVAH’s family all during “the thousand after his successful rebellion against Solomon’s
years,” upon completing their life’s work. son? I Kings 12:32. Did he assume that where
6. Does this feast begin with a holy YEHOVAH’s days were kept didn’t really make
Sabbath High Day AND a weekly Sabbath on any difference?
which all ordinary work is forbidden? Leviticus COMMENT: Jeroboam’s action was
23:35, 39; John 7:37, 8:2, 9:13. When does it normal for carnal-minded people everywhere.
come? Leviticus 23:34. They don’t know Who or what YEHOVAH God
7. Is this annual Sabbath and its 7-day really is. Jeroboam’s conception of how to
festival commanded to be observed FOREVER? worship the true God was merely his own
Verse 41. man-devised idea (verse 33).
Be sure to read the whole passage from I
Old Testament Israel Failed to Keep It Kings 12:26 to the end of the 13th chapter. The
13th chapter reveals how YEHOVAH God
1. Where was the place that YEHOVAH mercifully gave Jeroboam further instruction --
God originally set His name designating it as the backed up by a series of miracles (verses 3, 4, 6)
place the Feast of Tabernacles was to be kept? -- and a further opportunity to repent (verse 6).
Joshua 18:1. Were some
of the children of Israel Jeroboam set up pagan altars at Dan and Bethel to lead Israel away
obedient at that time in from keeping the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem.
keeping the Feast? Judges
21:19. And in rejoicing?
Verse 21.
2. Were the
parents of Samuel, who
became one of YEHO-
VAH’s greatest prophets,
always obedient in
keeping this Feast every
year? I Samuel 1:3, 21;
3. Did YEHO-
VAH God later change the
location for the Feast of
Tabernacles and in the
early years of King
Solomon have a temple
built there? I Kings 8:1, 2.

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