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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 20

YEHOVAH’s Holy Days. Only Judah had Paul in preparation for his ministry (Galatians
preserved the Old Testament Scriptures. 1:11-12, 15-18). Had the Messiah done away
2. What unmistakable command did with his Father’s feast days, he certainly would
Yeshua give his brothers? John 7:8. have revealed it to Paul personally. Notice
3. Did Yeshua, himself, keep the Feast? Paul’s example.
Verse 10. Did everyone know that Yeshua 1. Did the apostle Paul follow Yeshua’s
always kept all of YEHOVAH’s Feasts and was example long after everything that was “nailed
CERTAIN to be there? Verse 11. to the CROSS” was nailed there? I Corinthians
COMMENT: Note that Yeshua’s 11:1.
purpose in going up to Jerusalem was not merely 2. Then did Paul keep the Feast of
to preach and teach people. He had boundless Tabernacles? Acts 18:21, and see Comment.
opportunities to address the multitudes who COMMENT: In 50 A.D. Paul crossed
followed him continually. Rather, his problem over from Asia into Europe and began to preach
was to find time alone! (Mark 1:35-38.) the gospel at Philippi “on the day of weeks” --
4. Did Yeshua have every reason in the Pentecost -- according to the inspired original
world NOT to go up to Jerusalem? John 7:1, 10. Greek (Acts 16:13). Pentecost is also called the
COMMENT: Yeshua the Messiah had “feast of weeks” in the Old Testament
been present at the feast from the first day (Deuteronomy 16:10).
although he did not stand up to teach until near After a few weeks at Philippi,
the middle of the seven days (verse 14). He had Thessalonika (Acts 17:1), Berea (verse 10) and
arrived secretly and remained out of the at Athens (verse 16), Paul came to Corinth in the
limelight because the established religious rulers late summer of A.D. 50. After spending several
were seeking -- out of jealousy -- to kill him. Sabbaths teaching in the synagogue (Acts 18:4),
5. Was he merely following Old he continued to hold meetings in the house of
Testament practice or was he setting a New Justus (verse 7) for “a year and six months"
Testament example? Matthew 28:20; I Peter (verse 11). This brings us to the spring of 52
2:21; I John 2:4-6. A.D.
COMMENT: With such dangerous After a riot stirred up against the apostle
circumstances, if ever there is an excuse not to was quelled, Paul yet “tarried there a good while,
attend one of YEHOVAH’s Feasts, surely this and then took his leave of the brethren and sailed
was one. But YESHUA WAS THERE -- boldly thence into Syria" (verse 18).
setting us an example that we should do It was now well into the summer of A.D.
likewise. 52 -- the Days of Unleavened Bread and
He always condemned the “tradition of Pentecost were past. Obviously it was nearly
the elders” (Matthew 15:2, 3, 6, 9). He always time for the Feast of Tabernacles. Here then was
made it plain and clear that YEHOVAH’s laws a major autumn festival (verse 21) worth going
were still binding and went on to MAGNIFY all the way to the HEADQUARTERS FEAST at
them. Compare Matthew 5:21, 22 -- “You have Jerusalem -- the only logical reason for Paul’s
heard ... but I SAY ....” NO EXAMPLE OF emphatic refusal to spend even a few days at
ANIMAL sacrifice was set for us, but he kept Ephesus after long sojourns at lesser places
every one of YEHOVAH God’s Holy Days. (verse 20).
Some modern translations of the Bible
The Apostle Paul Kept the Feast omit Acts 18:21, as does the Catholic version.
But 95% of all Greek manuscripts include it. The
After the Messiah’s death and only manuscripts which leave it out are those 5%
resurrection, he personally taught the apostle copied in Egypt and in Italy under the influence

Feast of Tabernacles -- THE WORLD TOMORROW
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