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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 20

Tertullian acknowledged the possibility of a fleshly Israel. Israel will return from the “north
promised Millennium upon the earth (Against country” in a repentant attitude (Jeremiah 31:8,
Marcion, Book 3, Chapter 25). 9). Does YEHOVAH God PROMISE some-
thing when people repent? Acts 2:38. Doesn’t
Why Truth Later Rejected! this mean that the Millennium will ALSO be a
day of salvation?
In the fourth century the Book of 3. Doesn’t Paul say that “ALL Israel
Revelation was removed from the general shall be saved”? Romans 11:26. When? At the
reading list of Catholics. Why? Because it second appearance of the Messiah? Same verse.
plainly stated the Millennium. “Thus the COMMENT: The word “all” should be
troublesome foundation on which chiliasm (a translated idiomatically “as a whole” -- meaning
Greek word for the doctrine of the Millennium) the vast majority.
might have continued to build was got rid of" 4. Will all the nations on earth, too,
(Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, article become converted? Isaiah 2:3.
“Millennium”). 5. Doesn’t Luke 14:23 show that the
After Constantine’s time the Catholic time comes when every individual on earth is to
Church began to look upon the Roman Empire be “called” by YEHOVAH God? Note the word
as the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God. They “compel.” And, in fact, doesn’t Joel 2:28 say
didn’t want to hear of any Millennium of that YEHOVAH’s spirit is to be given to “all”
YEHOVAH’s rule! flesh -- not meted out sparingly, but “poured”
Present-day Catholic leaders even go so out freely? Be sure to read this whole chapter,
far as to claim that the doctrine of the 1000-year noticing especially Joel 2:12-13 and 22-27.
rule of YEHOVAH God and the Messiah is not COMMENT: The rain spoken of in
to be found in either the New Testament gospels verse 23 is dual -- a spiritual as well as a physical
or epistles or even in the traditions of the rain which produces great physical abundance.
apostles (The Question Box, by William N. YEHOVAH God is now giving the former rain
Emch, p. 380). of the holy spirit “moderately” -- producing the
But now turn to the Bible itself, THE small harvest of firstfruits and those down to the
SOURCE OF TRUTH, and see the truth for time of the Messiah’s return. There is to be a
yourself. correspondingly larger “latter rain" of the spirit
to produce the greater spiritual harvest of souls
World to Be Converted in the Millennium (lives) in the Millennium (Acts 2:16,17).
6. Isn’t it clear from Isaiah 32:14, 15 that
1. Does the Bible really say there is only a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit -- and
one “day of salvation"? Isaiah 49:8. hence, of salvation -- is typified by and
COMMENT: Today is not the only day associated with increased rain on desert areas
of salvation. Today is “a” day of salvation for during the Millennium? Compare also Isaiah
those few who are being called to repentance 44:3 and John 7:37-39.
now. The original Greek words in II
Write for the following related articles:
Corinthians 6:2 should also be translated “a day
of salvation,” not “THE day of salvation." The
Secrets of the Sukkah!
original Hebrew is the same. Today is A day of
A New Look at the Deep Meaning of the Feast
salvation for the “firstfruits” -- the few
of Tabernacles!
YEHOVAH God has called to rule in the World
Mystery of the “Lulav”
2. Now consider the prophecies about

Feast of Tabernacles -- THE WORLD TOMORROW
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