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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 3

simple and fast C. Moslems.
You are to SEND ONLY THE D. “Christians.”
ANSWER SHEET in to us when filled out.
Handle your answer sheet carefully at all times. 5. The promises YEHOVAH God made to
A SMOOTH SHEET is easier to grade. Israel’s fathers included --
We will CONTINUE to send you further
lessons as long as you sincerely desire to A. blessings of the earth and the sea.
understand more of the Bible. So be sure to B. great blessings in heaven.
TAKE THIS TEST and send us your completed C. great national development.
answer sheet. D. The ability to become angelic beings in
YEHOVAH’s service.
Lesson 9
The Descendants of Israel 6. Persecution of Christian Israelites in Europe:

1. The Israelites that moved into Ireland were A. initiated a huge migration to North America.
known as -- B. eliminated them as a viable force in
spreading the Good News.
A. Picts. C. caused them to take up arms against the
B. Gauls. Roman Catholic Church.
C. Welsh. . D. failed to materialize to any great degree.
D. Scots.
7. After the death and resurrection of the
2. What was the name of the Israelites that Messiah, his disciples preached --
moved into France from Denmark?
A. to the non-Israelite Gentile nations only.
A. Angles. B. about the necessity of penance before
B. Normans. entering heaven.
C. Franks. C. that all Christians would go to heaven when
D. Bretons. they died.
D. the good news of the Kingdom of
3. The covenants pertaining to Abraham’s YEHOVAH God.
blessings were such that the descendants of the
patriarchs of Israel would become -- 8. The good news of the Kingdom of
YEHOVAH god is that --
A. little more than several small nations in
Judea. A. the reward of all Christians is to live with
B. a multitude of nations. YEHOVAH God and the Messiah in heaven.
C. known today as the Turkish people. B. Christians do not need to obey the 10
D. a small nation in the Middle East known Commandments to receive everlasting life.
today as “Israel.” C. Yeshua the Messiah and YEHOVAH God
will usher in an age of peace and prosperity on
4. The descendants of captured Israel later this earth.
became known, in the main, as -- D. Satan the Devil has been restrained from
controlling events on this earth.
A. Jews.
B. Edomites.
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