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2 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 3

An Open Letter from the Staff...

How grateful we should be, that YEHOVAH
God has seen to it in all ages that HIS TRUTH COULD
NOT BE ERASED from human accessibility! Ever
since the time of the Messiah there have been organized
conspiracies to destroy the Bible.
Yeshua the Messiah started YEHOVAH’s
Church in 31 A.D. And in 33 A.D. the Great Conspiracy
got under way to organize and build the GREAT
FALSE CHURCH -- Satan’s church! The Great Con-
spiracy sought to destroy the true Church of
YEHOVAH God, and to blot out the Word of YE-
HOVAH God, by COUNTERFEIT doctrines. They
appropriated the NAME of the Messiah, and called BIBLE
themselves “Christian” -- then presented a FALSE
Messiah and a FALSE “Christianity.”
No religion had ever before offered the
forgiveness of sins until the Messiah died to pay the
Published at Arcadia, California by Hope
sinners’ penalty. As a palliate for guilty consciences, the
of Israel Ministries (Church of YEHO-
Satan-influenced conspirators eagerly seized on “the
blood of Christ,” deciding that “grace” would be a
wonderful selling point to make their pagan religion
John D. Keyser
But REPENTANCE from sin -- turning
AWAY from sin -- which means OBEDIENCE to YE-
HOVAH’s Law -- that was something quite different. TECHNICAL ADVISOR
They well KNEW the natural mind of man is HOSTILE Sean C. Keyser
to the idea of obedience to YEHOVAH God, and is not
subject to the Law of YEHOVAH God (Romans 8:7). YOUR ENROLLMENT has been paid by
So they “did away with” YEHOVAH’s Law. They others. Bulk copies for distribution not
substituted “penance” for repentance. They perverted given or sold.
the true Gospel of the Messiah in a manner to make it ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS to the
utterly ineffective. And THE WHOLE WORLD has Editor at the following address:
been misled and deceived! Hope of Israel Ministries, P.O. Box 2186,
During the middle ages, every attempt was Temple City, California 91780, U.S.A.
made to DESTROY the Bible itself. But YEHOVAH _________________________________
saw to it that His Word was preserved. Even during
these difficult times YEHOVAH’s ministers, small in About Our Cover...
number, clung tightly to YEHOVAH’s Truth. Finally,
after the invention of printing, copies of the Bible
Pictured on our Test 3 cover is a composite of the
became accessible to the public and more people began
cover photos used in the preceding four lessons.
to discover nuggets of truth that had been buried for
Each picture is a reminder of the marvelous Bible
centuries by the Catholic Church. YEHOVAH’s
Truths you studied with each lesson.
Church is diligently searching the Word of YEHOVAH
God and restoring the Truth to a Satan-deceived world.

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