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Test 3 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

A Few Words Before You Start... CONFORM. So they floated along on the
atheistic tidal wave.
Certain Protestant scholars, during the
latter part of the 18th century and through the TEST NUMBER THREE
19th, devoted lifetimes to producing various
works, more or less scholarly, to assist in Bible THIS THIRD examination is given to help
study and understanding. These were the you BETTER UNDERSTAND your Bible and
exhaustive concordances, the lexicons or EVALUATE your own progress.
Greek-English and Hebrew-English diction- You should by all means take this test
aries, the marginal reference systems in the after finishing lesson 12. It is a SIMPLE EX-
printed Bibles, the religious encyclopedias, the AMINATION covering your studies in this
Bible dictionaries, and the commentaries. present group of four lessons. It's a quick review
Most of these men were scholarly to help you REMEMBER and put to
enough -- but their minds still were largely PRACTICAL USE the vital Truth of YE-
blinded to spiritual truth. They had been taught HOVAH God you have learned. It also lets us
false doctrines from childhood and blindly know of your CONTINUED interest in the study
assumed them to be true. of your Bible.
Nevertheless, these exhaustive works Notice that there are 42 questions in this
and Bible helps were making it gradually test. Also notice that FOUR CHOICES are given
possible, for those who would be willing, to under EACH question. These are labeled A, B,
come to more truth, more rapidly -- and at the C, D. YOU ARE TO SELECT THE RIGHT
same time the more rapidly to dispel error. The ANSWER(S) FROM AMONG THESE FOUR
real TRUTH was becoming too nearly revealed CHOICES. You do this by CIRCLING the letter
-- Satan became disturbed, then stirred to action. of the answer(s) you feel to be correct. Repeat
He introduced German rationalism and this procedure for each question. (Generally
the Theory of Evolution into modern education. speaking, the INCORRECT answers are FALSE
He also began removing his brakes against ideas which are taught and believed about the
acquisition of scientific and technological subject.)
knowledge. To pervert this latter, Satan mixed it Notice that the questions are divided into
with German rationalism in educational four parts -- corresponding to this present group
institutions. The new learning became rapidly of four lessons. We advise you not to cover more
materialistic. It became agnostic, then more and than one lesson at a sitting. Take sufficient time
more atheistic. It began to be considered to understand each question. Try to answer as
“old-fashioned” to believe in YEHOVAH God. many questions as you can without referring to
Now “higher criticism” of the Bible gushed forth the lessons. If you find any difficult questions,
like an avalanche. Men began sitting in then REFER TO THE LESSONS. We expect
judgment of YEHOVAH GOD -- began CRITI- you to do so -- it isn't cheating!
CIZING YEHOVAH GOD. Once you have finished going over the
As we developed through the 20th questions and are satisfied with your answers,
century, this “new” rationalism gradually found FILL OUT your ANSWER SHEET by placing
its way into the religious seminaries where an "X" in the box(es) which corresponds to the
future ministers were being taught. Students selection you have chosen (circled) to be the
entering seminaries had already encountered the correct answer(s) FOR EACH QUESTION.
new supposed “rational” knowledge. It appealed (Notice that the first two questions are already
to intellectual VANITY. It was the fashion of the marked correctly for you on your answer sheet
day. Men wanted to BELONG. They wanted to as examples.) That's all there is to it! It's very
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