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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 3

A. holy convocations or days of rest. D. the journey to the mines in the Sinai
B. used as preparation days for the Feast of peninsula.
C. the days that leaven is to be removed from 42. The Israelites finally left Egypt on --
the home.
D. days that were first instituted at Mount A. the last day of Unleavened Bread.
Sinai. B. the first day of Unleavened Bread.
C. the 15th of Abib or Nisan.
38. The expression “the law and the prophets” D. the 10th day of Nisan.
actually refers to --
A. the entire New Testament.
B. some of the books of the Talmud.
C. two sections of the Septuagint Bible.
D. the entire Old Testament.

39. Those who deliberately rebel against
YEHOVAH God and reject the Messiah’s
sacrifice --

A. will have another chance when their souls
go to heaven.
B. will have another chance at the resurrection.
C. have willfully rejected their chance for
D. will burn forever in the depths of hell.

40. The annual Sabbaths or Holy Days, like the
weekly Sabbaths, are --

A. a sign that identifies YEHOVAH’s people.
B. a product of Jewish theology.
C. no longer to be observed since the Messiah
did away with them on the tree.
D. a sign that identifies only the descendants of
Judah today.

41. The term “three days into the wilderness” Answers to Questions in Lesson 12:
refers to --
1. Yes. 2. temporary, ceased 3. Yes 4.
A. the journey from Rameses to the Gulf of leaven 5. Sin 6. Seven days 7.
Suez. escape 8. two 9. 3pm, 5pm 10. High
B. a trip into the desert of Upper Egypt. day, annual Sabbath 11. Sacrificed to
C. the entire journey from Rameses to Mount YEHOVAH God 12. Aqaba 13. past
Sinai. sins 14. holy spirit 15. national captivity

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