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Test 3 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

9. The Celts poured into Britain to form the 14. If the Messiah is not living today, if he
“bed-rock” of -- were yet dead, then --

A. the ruling Roman aristocracy. A. our souls will still go to heaven at death.
B. the British race. B. YEHOVAH God will still resurrect us in the
C. the ancient Pictish nations. future.
D. the Canaanite peoples that were always a C. only the Old Testament believers will be
thorn in Israel’s side. saved.
D. we could never be saved and receive eternal
10. When the Israelites occupied the steppe life.
regions of south Russia, they became known by
the Greeks as -- 15. To continually remind us of His great Plan
of salvation, YEHOVAH God originally used
A. Scythians. what as a type of His spiritual Plan?
B. Medes.
C. Saka. A. The ancient Babylonian feast days.
D. Gauls. B. The religious calendar of the Roman
Catholic Church.
11. Chapter 36 of Ezekiel describes -- C. The yearly agricultural harvests of Palestine.
D. The planetary week.
A. the captivity of Israel by the Assyrians.
B. the captivity of Judah by the Babylonians. 16. The first of YEHOVAH’s annual festivals
C. the return of some Judahites to Jerusalem at is known as --
the time of Cyrus the Great.
D. the future restoration of scattered Israel. A. Easter.
B. the Passover.
12. The scattered bands of Israelites that moved C. the Feast of Tabernacles.
into south Germany between 500 and 450 B.C. D. Christmas.
became known as --
17. After the Exodus what did each Israelite
A. Galatians. family have to do on the tenth day of Abib
B. Normans. (Nisan)?
C. Celts and Gauls.
D. Basques and Bretons. A. Select a lamb without any spots or
Lesson 10 B. Remove leaven from their homes.
The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins C. Be baptized into the Church in the
YEHOVAH’s Master Plan Wilderness.
D. Place their yearly tithe in the Temple
13. In order for us to receive salvation the treasury.
Messiah had to --
18. On what day were the Israelites to kill the
A. be resurrected from the dead. lamb they had selected on the 10th of Abib?
B. shed his blood on the tree.
C. be God in the flesh. A. On the 13th of Nisan.
D. be tempted by Satan the Devil. B. On the first day of Unleavened Bread (Nisan
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