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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Test 3

15). Lesson 11
C. On the same day they selected it. The Messiah’s Sheep -- Modern-Day Israel
D. On the 14th of Abib (Nisan) “between the
two evenings.” 23. The Messiah’s “sheep” are those who --

19. What church or faith was referred to as “the A. hear his voice and follow him.
Synagogue of Satan” by the apostle John in the B. keep the doctrines and practices of the
book of Revelation? Roman Catholic Church.
C. blindly follow the Messiah without ever
A. The Church in the Wilderness. knowing what he preached.
B. Judaism. D. adhere to the practices of Judaism.
C. The fledgling Roman Catholic Church.
D. The New Testament Church of YEHOVAH 24. A KEY ingredient in being a disciple of the
God. Messiah is --

20. What was it that caused the terrible A. tenacity.
disfigurement of the Messiah during his B. racial origin.
crucifixion? C. memorizing the Old Testament.
D. obedience.
A. The spear wound he received from the
Roman soldier. 25. Who are the ones who receive eternal life
B. The continual stoning he received from and enter into the Kingdom?
C. The nails that pinned him to the tree. A. All those descended from Israel.
D. The flogging he received prior to being B. All Christians.
nailed to the tree. C. The Messiah’s disciples.
D. All Gentiles.
21. The first cup of wine during the Passover
service or Seder represents -- 26. Yeshua the Messiah sent his disciples
FIRST to whom?
A. the Ten Plagues that YEHOVAH God
poured out on Egypt. A. The Judean Israelites.
B. the blood of the Messiah poured out for our B. The Israelites scattered abroad.
sins. C. The Samaritans.
C. the regathering of the people of Israel. D. The Gentiles.
D. the blood of the Passover lamb prior to the
Messiah’s death. 27. Israelites walking after the flesh DO NOT
have --
22. Footwashing, otherwise known as foot
baptism, should be practiced -- A. to obey the Commandments to enter into the
A. regularly -- as often as the Church meets. B. YEHOVAH’s spirit.
B. only once a year at Passover. C. any chance for salvation.
C. only once a year at Pentecost. D. to be children of promise to enter into the
D. once a year at Easter. Kingdom.
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