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Lesson 9 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

then HOW is He fulfilling the promises He made Babylonian captivities would make a
to their forefathers? MOCKERY of YEHOVAH’s tremendous
promises and mercy. This position drastically
How Did YEHOVAH Fulfill His Promises? diminishes the SIGNIFICANCE of Yeshua’s
magnificent redemptive work in CONFIRMING
1. In Romans 9:4, the apostle Paul said YEHOVAH’s covenants with His people
the covenants and promises of YEHOVAH God ISRAEL throughout the nations of the earth.
pertained to WHOM? YEHOVAH, unlike man, is FAITHFUL
2. In Romans 15:8, Paul stated that and JUST in keeping His promises, covenants
Yeshua the Messiah confirmed the WHAT made and oaths. He DID NOT cast away His people
unto the fathers (of ISRAEL)? ISRAEL; He is continuing to HONOR His
3. Considering the long-range promises to them -- even to this day! The
implications of YEHOVAH’s promises to the descendants of the VAST NUMBERS of
fathers of the Israelites, would the above Israelites taken into captivity have continued to
statements by Paul make any sense if most of the INCREASE and MULTIPLY over the centuries.
Israelites taken in the Assyrian captivity ceased In the following brief summary, taken
to exist? from the works of Biblical historian and
4. Chapter 36 of Ezekiel describes the archaeologist E. Raymond Capt, we will trace
FUTURE RESTORATION of scattered Israel. the history of these ISRAELITES from the
In verse 26, YEHOVAH said He would give captivity period to MODERN times.
them a new WHAT -- and put a new WHAT in
them? Israel in History
5. YEHOVAH God, speaking of the
FUTURE of captive Israel, said in Isaiah 62:2 In tracing the steps of the Israelites after
that they would be called by a new WHAT? their captivity and deportation to Assyria and
COMMENT: The descendants of Babylon, it is important to realize that secular
captive Israel later became known, in the main, history has not used the terms “Israel” and
as “Christians.” The “new covenant” has been “Israelites” in referring to these people and their
instituted by the Messiah whereby he is descendants. We must look for other secular
renewing (quickening) their hearts and minds by names if we hope to follow them through
the power of YEHOVAH’s spirit -- see history.
Hebrews 8 through 10. This subject will be For example, Assyrian historical stone
covered in more detail in later lessons. writings found by archaeologists at Nimrud refer
The promises YEHOVAH made to to the Israelites as “KHUMRI.” Later Assyrian
Israel’s fathers included GREAT NATIONAL cuneiform writings, in the form of frontier post
DEVELOPMENT, a GREAT INCREASE IN reports (707 B.C.), refer to these SAME people
NUMBERS, BLESSINGS of the earth and of as “GAMERA” or “GIMIRA.”
the sea, that YEHOVAH would be their God, A later Assyrian tablet recorded (about
and they -- ISRAEL -- would be His people. He 679 B.C.) that the Assyrian army defeated the
also promised them a NEW and BETTER GIMIRA with large numbers of Israelites
covenant. escaping to the shores of the Black Sea. Greek
These promises would have little records refer to these Gimira as “KIMMEROII”
significance indeed if the majority of Israelites -- which is translated into English as
ceased to exist after the Assyrian captivity. To “CIMMERIAN.” Greek historical records
embrace the theory that only a handful of indicate that the Cimmerians captured the
Israelites remained after the Assyrian and Kingdom of Phrygia (695 B.C.) and later Lydia

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