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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 9

France, some moved across the English Channel LOMBARDS, FRANKS, BURGUNDIANS
into Britain. About 390 B.C., one group invaded and OSTROGOTHS. Between 450 and 600
Italy and sacked Rome. Around 280 B.C. others A.D. some of the ANGLES and SAXONS
reached Greece, and as they migrated back into moved into Britain as ANGLO-SAXONS.
Asia Minor, the Greeks called them Between 850 and 1000 A.D. the Danes and
“GALATIANS.” This would indicate that Vikings raided the coasts of Britain, establishing
Paul’s letter to the “Galatians” were to his some colonies, while others settled in Iceland
KINDRED ISRAELITES. and Greenland. One group moved into France as
To prevent the confusion between the NORMANS. The Celtic SCOTS of Ireland, for
“Sarmatians” (who now occupied “Scythia”) the most part, moved into northern Britain and
and the original “SCYTHIANS,” the Romans established the Nation of Scotland.
introduced the name “GERMAN” for the The preceding “synopsis” helps to
genuine “Scythian” (”Germanus” being the answer two great mysteries of history: (1)
Latin word for “genuine”). Thus, in Roman WHAT happened to the countless thousands of
records, the name “Scythian”
was dropped in favor of
The CIMBRI were
finally driven out of their area
by the GERMAN Scythians.
A residue of one group
reached Spain, while the main
body reached Italy where they
were almost wiped out by the
Roman legions. A few CIM-
BRI did escape to northern
Britain to become one of the
two groups known as PICTS.
The CELTS continued
to pour into Britain to form the
“bed-rock” of the BRITISH Scythians -- Germanic tribes
race. One group in Spain --
known as the “IBERES” (the Gaelic name for ISRAELITES who seemingly “disappeared”
“HEBREWS”), moved into Ireland as SCOTS. from history south of the Caucasus; (2) WHERE
Those remaining in Spain became known as did the countless thousands of Scythians and
BASQUES; others, in France, became known as Cimmerians come from that seemingly
BRETONS. “appeared from nowhere” north of the Caucasus
During the succeeding centuries the -- both AT THE SAME TIME in history. There
Scythian GERMANS broke up into many is no longer any “mystery.” They were ONE
divisions, possibly in some instances into their AND THE SAME PEOPLE. THEY WERE
original Israel tribal families. These groups ISRAELITES! The so-called “lost tribes of
formed the GOTHS, ANGLES, SAXONS, Israel” really were never lost. They only lost
JUTES, DANES and VIKINGS (to name just a their identity as they migrated westward over the
few). Then, other Germanic tribes poured into centuries from the land of their captivity.
the lands vacated by the Celts and established Here we see the fulfillment of
the Gothic nations of the VANDALS, YEHOVAH God’s Covenant with His people as

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