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Lesson 9 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 9

they migrated to their “appointed” places: to preaching of Paul and Timothy in WHAT
western Europe, to the Isles in the west, and then CITIES of Macedonia?
on to America. YEHOVAH indeed has kept His 10. According to Romans 1:7, Paul
promise to regather His scattered people wrote this letter to the Christian ISRAELITES in
ISRAEL “as a shepherd doth his flock.” what CITY?
11. I Corinthians 1:2 and II
The Gospel Preached to Israel Corinthians 1:1 indicate that Paul wrote these
letters to the Christian Israelites in WHAT
After the death and resurrection of the CITY?
Messiah, his disciples preached the gospel (good 12. According to Galatians 1:2, Paul
news) of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God and wrote this letter to the Christian Israelites
the future appearance of BOTH Yeshua the (ecclesia) in WHAT Roman province?
Messiah AND YEHOVAH God to usher in an 13. Ephesians 1:1 tells us that Paul
age of peace and prosperity on this earth. This wrote this letter to the Christian Israelites
good news was delivered FIRST to the (saints) who were living in WHAT city?
ISRAELITES in Judea (Judeans) and then 14. According to Philippians 1:1, Paul
carried to DISPERSED ISRAEL (”GENTILES” wrote to the Christian Israelites (saints) living in
-- or Israelites in the nations), beginning what we WHAT city?
know today as the “Christian” era. The new and COMMENT: The preceding verses of
BETTER covenant promised to “lost” Israel was scripture CLEARLY show that the Gospel was
beginning to unfold. carried to dispersed ISRAELITES in the areas of
1. In Acts 1:8, the Messiah told the Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy. As we saw
disciples they would be his witnesses in what earlier, these were the SAME areas into which
CITY, and in all of what NATION, and in what the Israelites migrated after coming out of
OTHER NATION, and “unto the uttermost part Assyrian captivity.
of the earth”? YEHOVAH God was preparing these
COMMENT: Note the GEOGRAPHI- areas to receive, centuries later, the preaching of
CAL ORDER given for the preaching of the the good news of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH
good news of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God. God and the establishment of the New Covenant.
2. WHEN and WHERE did the disciples These descendants of DISPERSED
FIRST preach the Gospel following Yeshua’s ISRAEL were the so-called “GENTILES”
resurrection? Acts 1:12 and 2:1. (Israelites in the nations) spoken of in the New
3. WHO was Peter preaching to in Acts Testament. These were the people (nations) to
2:22 and 3:12? which the Messiah sent Paul and the disciples to
4. In Acts 8:5, WHERE does it say Philip “bear his name.” (Acts 9:15; Acts 1:8).
went to preach the good news?
5. According to Acts 9:20, WHERE did
Additional Reading Material
Paul FIRST preach the good news?
6. Acts 11:19 indicates that the good
The Story of the Scottish Highlanders!
news of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God was
preached in what countries and city?
The Hebraic Origins of the English
7. According to Acts 11:26, WHAT
were the disciples CALLED first in Antioch?
8. According to Acts 14:1 and 6,
The Trojan Origins of European
WHERE did Paul and Barnabas preach?
9. Acts 16:11-17:9 records the

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