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Lesson 9 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Descendants of Israel

LESSON 9 fidence for its fulfillment. A covenant is in force
as long as the terms of it are operative and
YEHOVAH’s Promises to His People obligation to perform rests on one or both
parties. The results or the blessings brought
The first eleven chapters of the Bible about by the covenant may continue indefinitely.
cover many centuries, including awesome and It was common practice to ratify or confirm a
terrifying calamities. Then in chapter twelve covenant by swearing an OATH, or by arranging
YEHOVAH God speaks to one man, Abraham. a sign or witness.
From this chapter on, for over a thousand pages, 1. In Genesis 12:2 what did YEHOVAH
the Bible is about Abraham and his God promise Abram (Abraham) he would
descendants. become?
YEHOVAH God made promises to 2. What did YEHOVAH, in Genesis
Abraham, and He repeated those promises 13:16, tell Abraham He would make his seed
(covenants) to Isaac and Jacob. All of these (descendants) like?
promises and covenants have to do with the 3. WHAT did YEHOVAH, in Genesis
future of Jacob’s children. The vast majority of 15:5, promise Abraham would be as the stars in
the Scriptures deals exclusively with these heaven?
“heirs” of the covenants and the promises. The 4. Read Genesis 17, entire chapter.
Bible calls these people “the children of Israel.” YEHOVAH told Abraham, in verse 2 that He
We need, at this point, to have a CLEAR would do WHAT to him “exceedingly”?
understanding what the word “covenant” really 5. In verses 4 and 5, YEHOVAH told
means. A covenant is an AGREEMENT Abraham that he would be a father of many
between two or more parties to do or refrain WHAT?
from doing some act. It is sometimes called a 6. In verse 7, YEHOVAH’s covenant
COMPACT or a CONTRACT. According to with Abraham was that He would be a God unto
Strong’s Concordance the word covenant is him and to his WHAT after him?
translated in the Old Testament from the 7. YEHOVAH said, in verses 19 and 21,
Hebrew word beriyth (#1285), meaning “a that He would establish an everlasting covenant
compact;” in the New Testament it is translated with WHO and his seed after him?
from the Greek word diatheke (#1242), 8. According to Genesis 28:3-4, Jacob
meaning “a disposition, i.e. a contract.” was to become a___________of people and was
Covenants can be “unilateral” (where to receive the blessing of________________?
the party on one side is solely responsible to 9. In Genesis 28:14, YEHOVAH told
perform the terms) such as YEHOVAH’s Isaac’s son, Jacob, that his seed (descendants)
promises to Abraham and his descendants; or shall be as numerous as “the [WHAT] of the
they can be “bilateral” (where parties on both earth”? (Compare with Genesis 13:16).
sides must perform) such as the Law covenant 10. YEHOVAH told Jacob (ISRAEL), in
made between YEHOVAH God and Israel at Genesis 35:11, that a WHAT and a company of
Mount Sinai. WHAT would be of him?
In effect, any PROMISE made by 11. After the people of Israel cried unto
YEHOVAH God is a covenant; it is certain to YEHOVAH God because of their bondage in
be carried out; it can be relied on with con- Egypt, Exodus 2:23 says that YEHOVAH

The Descendants of Israel
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