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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 9

remembered His WHAT with Abraham, Isaac He will “search” and “seek” them out?
and Jacob? 6. In Luke 19:10, Yeshua the Messiah
12. Considering the promises made in said that he came, on the Father’s behalf, to
the above verses, would it make ANY SENSE “seek” and “save” that which was WHAT?
that YEHOVAH God would DESTROY the 7. According to Matthew 15:24, Yeshua
majority of His people who went into captivity? said he was sent (commissioned) to the “lost”
COMMENT: The verses above, along SHEEP of the House of WHOM?
with others, make it PLAIN that the covenants 8. Considering the above verses, does it
pertaining to Abraham’s blessings were passed make sense that YEHOVAH God would
to Jacob and his descendants (ISRAEL). It is commission Yeshua to go to a people that no
REPEATED over and over again that these longer existed?
descendants of the patriarchs of Israel would be 9. In Matthew 10:6, the disciples were
a GREAT NUMBER of people, and would sent to the “lost” sheep of the House of WHOM?
become a MULTITUDE OF NATIONS. 10. In light of the above verse, would it
However, it is a common teaching make any sense for Yeshua to send his disciples
throughout the Judeo-Christian world that when to people who supposedly no longer existed?
YEHOVAH God caused Israel to be driven from 11. Read Jeremiah 31:31-34.
the land of Palestine into captivity in Assyria and Prophesying to the ISRAELITES IN CAP-
Babylon, He destroyed the majority of His TIVITY YEHOVAH says, in verse 31, that He
people forever; thus, they no longer existed as a will make a NEW covenant with the House
people. According to this ERRONEOUS and of__________and the HOUSE of_________.
DISTORTED line of reasoning, all that (Hebrews 8:8).
remained of the VAST NUMBERS of 12. That NEW covenant with the House
YEHOVAH’s people were a small number of of ISRAEL, according to verse 33, states that
“Jews” who returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the YEHOVAH would put His WHAT in their
Temple. inward parts and write it in their hearts, and that
He would be their God and they (ISRAEL)
Did YEHOVAH Cast Away His People? would be His WHAT? (Hebrews 8:10).
13. Considering the above two verses, is
Did YEHOVAH God, in fact, cast away it logical that the NEW COVENANT would be
the majority of His people, thus negating the for a people who are destroyed?
promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? 14. In the closing book of the Old
1. According to Romans 11:1-2, did the Testament, in Malachi 3:6, YEHOVAH says to
apostle Paul say that YEHOVAH God had “cast ISRAEL, “I am the LORD, I change NOT,
away” His people? therefore ye SONS OF JACOB (ISRAELITES)
2. According to the Psalmist in Psalms are NOT....” WHAT?
94:14, would YEHOVAH “cast off” and 15. Would the above statement have
“forsake” His people? much value if the majority of Jacob’s
3. According to Jeremiah 32:40, will descendants had CEASED to exist because of
YEHOVAH “turn away” from His people? their captivity?
4. Considering the above verses, does it COMMENT: The preceding verses of
make sense that YEHOVAH God would forever scripture show that YEHOVAH God did NOT
cast away and forsake His people Israel whom cast away His people. In fact, He made
He sent into captivity? 5. Ezekiel 34:6 tells us ADDITIONAL promises to them while they
that YEHOVAH’s SHEEP (ISRAEL) are were still in captivity. If YEHOVAH God did
scattered. In verse 11, does YEHOVAH say that not cast away and forsake His people ISRAEL,

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