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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 9

(662 B.C.).
the Lydians (about 600
B.C.) drove them out of
Asia Minor into the
Carpathian regions,
called Ar-sareth or
Mountains of Sereth.
The map to the right
traces the movements
according to their SE-
CULAR names.
When the
Assyrians were under
attack by both the
Medes and Babylon-
ians, the main body of Israel -- Khumri -- Gamera -- Gimira -- Kimmeroii -- Cimmerians
Israelites in Media
accepted an alliance with Esarhaddon which Araxes River, pass northward through the Dariel
allowed them to establish colonies in Sacasene Pass in the Caucasus Mountains and occupy the
in the north and Bactria in the east -- see map steppe regions of South Russia. There they
below. became known by the Greek name
Those Israelites that had
settled east in Bactria
migrated still further east
into Central Asia, some
even as far as the borders of
China. Most of our history
of this eastern division of
Israelites is found in Persian
inscriptions which refer to
the Israelites as “SAKA” or
“SACAE.” The Assyrians
called these colonies GI-
MIRA, but later “IS-
KUZA,” a name which may
have been derived from
Isaaca, or house of Isaac, the
(Israel-Khumri) -- Gimira -- Iskuza -- Scythians -- Saka -- Massagetae
name which the Israelites
called themselves. In the
The two colonies came under pressure
famous Behistun Rock tri-lingual inscriptions of
from the Medes after Assyria fell in 612 B.C. To
Darius I (522-485 B.C.) the name SAKA in the
the Medes and Babylonians, causing the main
Persian and Elamite inscriptions is rendered
body of ISRAELITES in Sacasene to cross the
GIMIRA in the Babylonian version.

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