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Lesson 5 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

remained in SPIRITUAL darkness
from the time of their rebellion to
this day.
3. What did Satan, the serpent,
then do -- ASSOCIATE himself
with the SUN?
COMMENT: Satan wanted to be
radiate glory like YEHOVAH
whose brilliance is brighter than
the sun -- and to be WOR-
Satan had himself identified with
the sun, the BRIGHTEST object
then known to man, and palmed
Through Adolph Hitler, Satan was able to sway millions of
himself off as the SUN-god.
people! Shown here is the historic Nuremburg rally.
That, in a nutshell, is WHY the sun
became a favorite object of
PAGAN worship!
Satan Associates Himself With the Sun Now for the details.
Because of the light and heat it gives and
Just how did the INANIMATE sun come its vital effect on the growth of food-producing
to have a day named in its honor -- Sunday -- the vegetation, the sun was regarded as “the giver of
day most professing “Christians” observe IN all good gifts.” And the fact that the serpent was
THE PLACE OF YEHOVAH God’s with the first of mankind was also WELL
commanded Sabbath Day? KNOWN to the people of the early world.
Let’s begin to understand how this So Satan, the serpent, supernaturally
strange day -- SUNday -- and SUN WORSHIP influenced the leaders and their followers --
originated. already possessing a carnal mind which “is (at)
1. Read Genesis 1:2. Did this earth also enmity against (or toward) God" (Romans 8:7;
become darkened? Jeremiah 17:9) -- to believe that he, the
2. Also read Jude 6. SERPENT in the Garden of Eden, was the
COMMENT: Between verses 1 and 2 TRUE FRIEND of man. For wasn’t it the
of Genesis, chapter 1, a great battle between SERPENT that gave the woman the advice that
YEHOVAH God and Lucifer or Satan took man acted upon? Wasn’t it the serpent that
place. In the resulting disruption, this earth showed them how they could be “as gods,”
became DARK (notice the word “darkness” in knowing good AND evil?
verse 2) and remained so for an untold period of Thus SATAN caused the sun and the
time, until YEHOVAH commenced the week of serpent, the two “enlighteners,” to become
re-creation. associated together. That’s why one of the
Lucifer and his angels did not keep their COMMONEST SYMBOLS of the sun, or
“first estate” (Jude 6) -- their rule of this earth sun-god, was a disk (the SUN) with a SERPENT
over which YEHOVAH God first assigned AROUND IT (Bunsen’s Hieroglyphics, Vol. I,
them. They became inordinately ambitious and page 497). This is found throughout ancient
arose to seize YEHOVAH’s rulership. But they mythology.
were cast back down to this darkened earth and

How Did Sunday Observance Begin?
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