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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Leeson 5

True Church -- have ESCAPED Satan’s wrath and VERY ACTIVE BEING -- make no mistake
since they have YEHOVAH’s DIVINE about that!
PROTECTION: Note the words “the earth Satan is diabolically wise -- and wily --
HELPED the woman ...” (verse 16). and is our ARCHENEMY!
Here is a BLESSING for keeping You need to KNOW YOUR ENEMY
YEHOVAH’s true Sabbath and other and AVOID HIS DEADLY TRAP!
commandments! Yes, Satan is a VERY REAL being! And
But the rest of the inhabitants of the his demons -- vast in number -- are also very real
world -- POTENTIAL material to become Sons and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!
of YEHOVAH God (from Satan’s viewpoint) Now understand HOW Satan works.
have -- and will -- SUFFER GREAT 1. If a person allows it, can a demon enter
VIOLENCE AND DEATH at the hands of Devil him and cause him to become dumb -- unable to
and demon-inspired madmen! Note the words, talk? Matthew 9:32-33.
“for the devil is come down unto you (the 2. Can they enter a person, if that
WHOLE world), having GREAT WRATH" individual allows it, and cause him to have an
(verse 12). INFIRMITY -- even become a cripple? Luke
Know HOW Your Enemy Works 3. Can a demon who has entered a person
But HOW can Satan, who is a SPIRIT Mark 5:2-4. Can many demons enter a person at
being, influence people? Just because we cannot the same time? Matthew 12:43-45.
see him and his demons does not mean that they 4. Can a demon’s entry into a person
are NOT around and working actively against cause him to do frightful things? Acts 19:16.
us. 5. When a demon enters a person, does
Since Satan is a spirit and invisible to the that individual become Satan’s own
human eye, he must be REVEALED to us. POSSESSION? Matthew 8:28. Notice the word
YEHOVAH God reveals that Satan is a REAL “possessed” in this verse, and in verse 16.
6. Can a possessed person
become destructive? Matthew
17:15-18 and Luke 9:42.
COMMENT: A possessed
person can do great bodily injury
to himself and to others!
7. Can demons CONGRE-
PLACE? Luke 8:30. And can a
group of demons spread out and
simultaneously enter a GROUP
this case)? Matthew 8:28-32.
COMMENT: Here we see that
mass groups can be influenced
by demons at the same time. This
is important to remember
Satan and his demons can, and often do, incite crowds to riot regarding PEOPLE, as you will
and become destructive. later see. For Satan always uses

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