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Lesson 5 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

SABBATHS!! paganism" (Webster’s Rest Days, p. 220).
1. When did the Babylonian-Samaritan Satan’s plan was bearing REAL FRUIT.
conspiracy introduce the practice of keeping The PROFESSING “Christian” world was
Sunday? When was the planetary week adopted switching FROM YEHOVAH’s LUNAR SAB-
by the professing “Christians” who were BATH week to Satan’s SUNday week!
perverting the Messiah’s teachings? 2. Who was directly responsible for the
COMMENT: Here is the answer! “The ultimate WIDESPREAD rise of Sunday or “day
early (true) Christians had at first adopted the of the Lord” worship which prevails TODAY?
Jewish seven-day week (YEHOVAH’s week) COMMENT: Constantine, a CIVIL --
with its numbered week days, but by the close of not ecclesiastical -- ruler of the Roman Empire,
the third century A.D. this began to give way to had the most to do with the ascendancy of
the planetary week (of Satan)....The use of Sunday as the day of worship. “Constantine’s
planetary names (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) attests famous edict (321 A.D.) definitely enrolled
to the growing influence of astrological Sunday among the holidays of the Roman State
speculations introduced by the converts from religion. The change from Saturn’s day
(Saturday -- the space of TIME in which
the Jews started to observe a PAGAN
Sabbath dedicated to NIMROD after the
planetary week was introduced) to
Sunday must have further commended
the planetary week in Christian circles,
where the Lord’s day (Satan’s
SUNDAY)...beginning the week, had
long been observed as the day on which
the Messiah, the ‘Sun of Righteousness’
(supposedly) rose from the dead. Thus a
pagan institution (Sunday observance)
was engrafted on (PROFESSING)
Christianity" (Webster’s Rest Days, p.
Do you grasp it?
A HUMAN civil ruler -- not
YEHOVAH God -- established the
custom of observing Sunday as a time of
“Christian” worship instead of keeping
YEHOVAH’s key test SABBATH Day
that can occur on ANY DAY of the
planetary week!
Here are the words of powerful
Constantine’s famous edict of 321 A.D.:
“On the venerable Day of the Sun let all
magistrates and" (Schaff-
Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious
ROMAN EMPEROR CONSTANTINE -- His famous edict of Knowledge, article “Sunday
321 A.D. Officially enrolled Sunday as the weekly day of Legislation”).
rest and worship of the pagan Roman State religion. 3. What was Constantine’s own

How Did Sunday Observance Begin?
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