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Lesson 5 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

How Did Sunday Observance Begin?

LESSON 5 1. When Yeshua the Messiah was born
on this earth to human parents -- mortal, of
Why Satan Is Active human flesh and therefore subject to death, did
Satan see a “golden opportunity” to be RID of
Satan at once appeared in the Garden of the one who might hold him back in his mad
Eden to DECEIVE the very first human beings. quest for dominion of the universe? Revelation
And he has been just as busily engaged in the 12:4.
same work from that time on! COMMENT: Remember, the great red
Let’s understand how Satan and his dragon is revealed to be Satan in Revelation
demons continued to deceive humanity. 12:9, and that the Child to be born was obviously
1. There were many people in the Middle the Messiah.
East before the great flood of Noah’s time. But 2. Does YEHOVAH God warn us that
had they become very DISOBEDIENT to their Satan the Devil goes about like a roaring lion
Creator? Genesis 6:5. Of all this great number of seeking whom he may devour? I Peter 5:8.
people, how many were allowed to ESCAPE the 3. Has Satan tried to destroy
great destruction of “Noah’s Flood"? Genesis YEHOVAH’s SABBATH-keeping True
7:7 and I Peter 3:20. Church -- the Church which keeps the
COMMENT: To save the people from SEVENTH day of the week according to the
FURTHER sin and suffering, YEHOVAH God lunar calendar -- the day which YEHOVAH God
had to DESTROY them. Only EIGHT of all the commands us to keep today? Revelation
people who lived in the Middle East at that time 12:12-17.
escaped death! COMMENT: The Bible uses the
2. Did Satan have a guiding hand in symbolism of a “woman” to indicate a
causing the people to SIN? I Peter 3:19-20. CHURCH. YEHOVAH’s True Church is
COMMENT: Satan and his demons pictured as a chaste young virgin -- PURE and
were so very active in deceiving and causing UNDEFILED by the PAGAN PRACTICES of
mankind to become extremely wicked PRIOR to this world. The True Church REFUSES to keep
the flood, that they succeeded in completely “this present evil world’s" day -- tagged by the
deceiving the whole known world! pagans SUNday -- the observance of which is
Satan the DESTROYER God!
Notice in verse 12 that it is the DEVIL
Satan knew that if he could influence all who is being spoken of, and that it is he who is
mankind to sin, YEHOVAH God would variously referred to as “the dragon," and “the
necessarily have to destroy them all, for sin -- serpent.”
DISOBEDIENCE -- brings destruction from We see here that Satan has tried, with all
YEHOVAH God! (Romans 6:23.) the power at his disposal, to DESTROY the
Satan was -- and is to this very day -- “woman” -- the collective members of
extremely successful in causing man to sin! YEHOVAH’s True Church -- those who are on
SATAN IS TRYING TO PREVENT MORE the verge of being born again at the resurrection
ADDITIONS TO YEHOVAH’s FAMILY -- as the very SONS of YEHOVAH God! But these
MORE SONS OF YEHOVAH GOD! members -- UNlike those not in YEHOVAH’s

How Did Sunday Observance Begin?
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