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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 5

demons!) upon human destinies: Greece new planetary week for ancient heroes who
furnished the mathematical astronomy which became honored as gods: SUNday was at first
groups the planets according to their distance set apart for the sun, the “god” of this world --
from the earth...upon these foundations SATAN, the SUN-GOD. Monday was set apart
ASTROLOGERS of the Hellenistic (Greek) era, for the moon; Friday for Venus or Frigga; and
familiar with the cult of seven and with the Saturday for Saturn.
division of days into twenty-four hours, built up The other days of the week received their
what was, at the outset, an entirely pagan names in similar fashion. Each received its name
(Devil-inspired) institution." from a heavenly body which had been associated
Notice from the words just quoted that with some old Babylonian god or goddess.
the present planetary week is a PAGAN This is NOT THE WEEK THAT YE-
institution! HOVAH GOD GAVE MANKIND -- a lunar
Continuing, “This seven-day week, in its week aligned with the moon’s phases and with
ASTROLOGICAL FORM the second century ONLY the seventh day bearing a name, THE
B.C. had passed ... thence to Alexandria (Egypt) SABBATH, and its other days bearing only
... and about the age of Augustus (31 B.C.-14 NUMBERS.
A.D.)...into the Occidental (Western -- then SO WE SEE THAT HERE IS A
Roman) land" (Webster’s Rest Days, pp. STRANGE WEEK! Here is a week whose days
218-19). bear the names of pagan gods. The “Sabbath”
Even the Jewish rabbis lost sight of Day nowhere appears in our strange week of
YEHOVAH’s true Sabbath! Notice what today.
Webster has to say: “These imported But SUNDAY, the day of the SUN -- the
superstitions [from Babylonia and Assyria] sun around which the pagans symbolically
eventually led Jewish rabbis to call SATURN entwined the Serpent (the Devil) -- DOES
Shabbti, “the star of the Sabbath,”....It was not APPEAR! It is the one day which is most
until the first century of our era, when the observed by the world today!
PLANETARY WEEK had become an
established institution, that the Jewish Sabbath SUNday Officially Instituted as World’s Day
seems ALWAYS TO HAVE CORRE- of Worship
DAY]”! (Rest Days, p. 244). Satan was inspiring his agents. He had
So TODAY’S PAGAN WEEK WAS Sunday instituted on the first day of the new
name which suggests to YEHOVAH God every the seventh-day (Saturn’s Day, or SATURDAY)
hateful thing! “Babylon...a habitation of that the Jews were NOW keeping their sabbath
DEVILS (demons), and the hold of every FOUL on! In ancient mythology Saturn was none other
SPIRIT, and a cage of every unclean and hateful than NIMROD himself, so here we have the
bird" (Revelation 18:2). Jews keeping their sabbath on “Nimrod’s Day”
2. How did the pagans, under the and the so-called Christian world keeping their
guidance of Satan, name the days of this sabbath on the “Day of the Sun”! What a
counterfeit week -- TODAY’S week? masterful stroke on Satan’s part!
COMMENT: As we have seen, old Satan was influencing his pawns to set
Babylonia provided the false doctrine of the apart TWO DAYS -- Saturday and Sunday -- on
influence of the stars on human destinies. which he could unwittingly be worshipped.
Guided by old Babylonian influences, Later, he influenced Mohammed to set aside
the pagans of a later time named the days of this Friday -- thus making a TRINITY of PAGAN

How Did Sunday Observance Begin?
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