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Lesson 5 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

his demons mightily to influence people in 3. Remember that the Devil and his
HIGH POSITIONS to force others to disobey demons are SPIRIT beings. Are we warned not
YEHOVAH God. In this way he hopes -- and has to receive into our minds any “spirit” other than
reason to believe -- he can bring DESTRUC- the holy spirit of YEHOVAH God? II
TION on great numbers. Corinthians 11:4.
COMMENT: The influence of the
Satan Supernaturally Sways Men’s Minds to Devil can mislead men’s minds by
HIS Will supernaturally suggesting customs opposed to
the commandments of YEHOVAH God. For
There is a great battle now going on. But example, SUNday observance!
it is NOT between YEHOVAH God and Satan. 4. Are we commanded to TRY THE
The battle now going on is between SPIRITS whether they are of YEHOVAH God
Satan and those whom YEHOVAH is calling (or of the Devil)? I John 4:1.
into His Kingdom. COMMENT: We do this BY
We could know nothing of this battle CHECKING IN OUR BIBLE to see if what is
unless YEHOVAH revealed it to us. For neither taught is of YEHOVAH, or is motivated by the
Satan nor his demons are fleshly beings as we Devil and his demons. The Devil hates the true
are. They are, unless supernaturally manifested, commandments of YEHOVAH God and
undetectable by any of our five senses: sight, deceives people into BREAKING them!
touch, hearing, etc. 5. What does Satan appear to be to those
But YEHOVAH God DOES REVEAL in the world? II Corinthians 11:14. And
this battle to us. It is REAL -- VITAL FOR US therefore what do his ministers -- his preachers --
TO UNDERSTAND! appear to be? Verse 15. Does Satan work in
Notice what YEHOVAH warns us about those that are disobedient? Ephesians 2:2.
the deceptive ways of the Devil so we may 6. Aren’t we warned that all TRUE
GUARD our minds against him and his demons. CHRISTIANS have to WRESTLE with --
1. Does YEHOVAH God warn us WORK HARD TO OVERCOME -- the Devil
against these unseen, but nevertheless very real and his demons in order to live YEHOVAH’s
and deadly enemies whom we are very apt to way and receive salvation? Ephesians 6:10-13.
forget entirely, as there is nothing to remind us of COMMENT: “Narrow is the way,
their presence? Does YEHOVAH God solemnly which leadeth unto (eternal) life, and FEW there
warn us that SATAN, like a ROARING LION, be that find it" (Matthew 7:14). The Devil
which would mean OUR ETERNAL DEATH? I deceived about the TRUE WAY to eternal life!
Peter 5:8. NOTHING COULD BE WORSE But the true Christian is locked in a
THAN THAT!! life-and-death battle with the evil SPIRIT
2. Are we warned NOT to love this WORLD. Your Bible says so!
“world” of the Devil’s -- this, the DEVIL’S AGE
-- Satan’s time of dominion? I John 2:15. Why Satan’s Government Influences the Nations
this warning? Is it because we might otherwise
“give place to" -- weaken and be misled by -- Satan determinedly fought YEHOVAH
some DEATH-DEALING TRAP of the Devil? God in an attempt to seize YEHOVAH’s throne.
Ephesians 4:27. Isn’t Satan, the serpent, VERY From that time Satan has been constantly
SUBTLE -- creeping in smoothly and gradually PERFECTING his method and plan for
to deceive man, often completely without our destroying man, both physically and spiritually
even suspecting it? Genesis 3:1. -- perfecting it so there will be no more Sons of

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