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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 30

of which is love -- a law that was set in motion Yeshua the Messiah DO AWAY with the
for our happiness to produce everything good Father’s spiritual law of love -- the Ten
which we have foolishly denied ourselves. Commandments? Do we find the apostle Paul
The Ten Commandments are obviously and the New Testament Ecclesia TEACHING
entirely DIFFERENT and SEPARATE from the OBEDIENCE to YEHOVAH’s law?
RITUALISTIC “Law of Moses” which was just Were the Ten Commandments FIRST
a code of PHYSICAL laws -- NOT spiritual GIVEN to Moses at Mount Sinai, and ONLY for
laws. the “Jews” to keep from that time forward? Are
the Ten Commandments the same as, or part of,
The Messiah Kept the Law the RITUALISTIC LAW of Moses?
Did YEHOVAH God withhold His
The Messiah tells us that our OBE- spiritual law from the world during the time
DIENCE to the Ten Commandments is an between Adam and Moses? Or did He FIRST
absolute PREREQUISITE to receiving YEHO- REVEAL this way to supreme happiness to
VAH’s gift of eternal life (Matthew 19:16-17). Adam and Eve in Eden?
But did the Messiah really PRACTICE Let’s learn the truth about YEHOVAH’s
what he preached? Or does he expect us to law from the Bible! But first, read these
perform the impossible? important instructions!
Witness the Messiah’s absolutely SIN-
LESS life (Hebrews 4:15). Had Yeshua sinned Before You Begin
spiritual law, he could NOT have become our This lesson is intended to direct you to
Saviour! the BIBLE -- to help you learn the truth of
Since Yeshua was born of a human father YEHOVAH God’s Word. Here is the method of
and mother -- composed of human flesh with study.
human nature -- the same as we all have Is your Bible in front of you? If not, GET
(Hebrews 2:14), then HOW was he able to obey your Bible -- or Bibles, if you have more than
YEHOVAH God? The answer is that he was one translation -- BEFORE YOU DO AN-
BEGOTTEN by the holy spirit just as you can be OTHER THING! Have a good dictionary, a
-- if you repent, believe and are baptized! concordance if you own one, and your notepaper
Yeshua had the POWER of the holy spirit all placed in front of you on a desk or table.
working within him! Remember -- you must open your Bible
Yeshua the Messiah admitted he wasn’t to EVERY PASSAGE. Never say to yourself,
able to keep YEHOVAH’s law by his own “Oh, I think I know what this scripture is
human power. Notice what he said: referring to" -- and then pass over it. You need to
“I can of mine OWN SELF do NO- “KEEP YOUR NOSE IN THE BIBLE," so to
THING” (John 5:30). “The Father that speak. You must read and re-read and think out
DWELLETH IN ME, He doeth the works" each passage. MEDITATE on this new know-
(John 14:10). The Father dwelt in the Messiah ledge in your leisure time, especially during the
by the holy spirit. And this power enabled the following twenty-four hours, and in your time of
Messiah to keep YEHOVAH’s commandments prayer -- SO YOU WON’T FORGET it!
perfectly! Make YEHOVAH’s Word a PART OF
In this lesson we need to ask and answer you! Don’t forget, this is a BIBLE STUDY
the following questions: Course not just a study of these words we send
Just what IS sin anyway? Does YEHO- you.
VAH God DEFINE it in the Bible? And did Here is the method of taking effective

Is Obediance to the 10 Commandments Required for Salvation?
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