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Lesson 30 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Is Obedience to the 10 Commandments Required for Salvation?

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The common FALSE teaching of YEHOVAH God warns us in the book of
modern Christianity holds that the old covenant Jude: “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to
WAS the Ten Commandment law. That the write unto you of the COMMON SALVATION,
Messiah came to establish a NEW covenant it was needful for me to write unto you, and
containing only grace and promises -- liberty to exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for
do WHATEVER YOU PLEASE, but certainly the faith which was ONCE DELIVERED unto
NO LAW! “Grace ALONE IS what saves you the saints. For there are certain men crept in
now,” they say. “NO COMMANDMENT unawares...ungodly men, turning the GRACE of
KEEPING IS necessary today." our God into LASCIVIOUSNESS, and denying
This diabolical teaching would lead you the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ"
to believe that the law of YEHOVAH God is (Jude 3-4).
harsh, CRUEL, ENSLAVING -- that the fault of Even before the New Testament was
the old covenant was with the law, and since completely written, ungodly men had crept into
YEHOVAH gave the law, the fault must have the Ecclesia in an attempt to corrupt it by turning
Then there are those who believe the Ten And what is “lasciviousness”? It means
Commandments are either the SAME as, or “license” -- unrestrained liberty -- abuse of privi-
PART of, the RITUALISTIC LAW of Moses. lege. In other words, license to do what seems
That the Ten Commandments didn’t exist until RIGHT in your OWN eyes -- according to
Moses and that they lasted only UNTIL the HUMAN CONSCIENCE -- though it disobeys
Messiah. YEHOVAH’s law!
What MISUNDERSTANDING! What That is exactly what those ungodly men
DISTORTION of the plain truth about YEHO- in the first century were beginning to do --
VAH’s law! turning YEHOVAH’s GRACE into unrestrained
DO YOU realize that those who believe privilege to DISOBEY His law! Turning to
and teach these false concepts are actually HUMAN conscience as a guide! We find this
worshipping YEHOVAH God IN VAIN -- very SAME ATTITUDE permeating modern
worshipping Him WITHOUT any prospect of professing Christianity today!
receiving eternal inheritance in the Kingdom of This present age is desperately lawless!
YEHOVAH God? Everywhere the spirit of disobedience is
Listen to what the Messiah says to them: sweeping society. From the pulpits you hear that
“Howbeit IN VAIN do ye worship me, teaching Yeshua the Messiah abolished his Father’s Law
for doctrines the COMMANDMENTS OF -- that it is not necessary to obey YEHOVAH
MEN. For laying aside the COMMANDMENT God today.
OF GOD, ye hold the tradition of men...[and But your Bible says no one can be born
now note the following especially]...Full well ye into YEHOVAH’s Kingdom unless that
REJECT the Commandment of God, that ye may individual recognizes and SUBMITS to the
keep your OWN TRADITION" (Mark 7:7-9). authority and rule of YEHOVAH God in his life!
Arguing with YEHOVAH or using human
Hope of Israel Ministries -- Taking the Lead in reasoning to evade the plain commands of
the Search for Truth! Scripture will get us nowhere!

Is Obediance to the 10 Commandments Required for Salvation?
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