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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 30

YEHOVAH God is Su-
preme Creator and Supreme
Lawgiver. He knows what is
BEST for us. He has perfect
wisdom and understanding and
has given us His perfect law. We
can therefore place ABSOLUTE
CONFIDENCE in Him and rely
on His judgment which He has
committed to us in writing -- in the
Yes, it’s time we look into
the Bible to see what it really says
about YEHOVAH’s law!
Global Peace Conference in Hiroshima. Many world leaders realize we must
Why Bad News Today? have world government in order to achieve lasting peace. But they don’t realize
we can’t have world peace until YEHOVAH’s government is set up on earth and
The natural tendency is to His Laws are enforced on all mankind!
use human reasoning to sidestep
that which seems of lesser importance to
us. It’s so easy for us to say: “I don’t see
why God would want me to obey His
this modern age. Now here is the way I
see it."
The overwhelming truth is that
CAL today as they were in the beginning
when He originally gave them!
Have you noticed that the news
today is nearly ALL BAD?
There’s a REASON why!
Not only do we have war, fear of
war, and strife between NATIONS, but
we also have strife and competition in
BUSINESS. We have quarrels leading to
divorce IN THE HOME. We have a ner-
vous younger generation blowing off
steam and getting into all sorts of
troubles. Riot in Dublin, Ireland. We live in a desperately lawless age! Crimes of
What’s the matter with us violence and rebellion against authority are increasing at an alarming
anyway? Are we AFRAID to stop and rate. And no wonder. Mankind refuses to live by the Ten
look at things as they really are? Do we Commandments which, if obeyed, would bring all the happiness and
dare recognize the fact that we are material blessings this frustrated world longs for. Today’s chaotic
bringing all this fear and worry, this world conditions are prophesied to get worse until YEHOVAH God and
heartache, suffering and frustrating the Messiah step in and ENFORCE the Ten Commandments!

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