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8 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 17

to do what in the name of the Messiah? the Romans.
2. After asking if it was right to obey C. to leave the apostles alone and not risk further
them (the Judean government leaders) more than exposure.
YEHOVAH God (verse 19), Peter and John COMMENT: Again we see the Judean
said, in verse 20, that they had to do what? government trying to FORCE their counterfeit
COMMENT: Here we see the Judean authority on the apostles and prevent them from
government’s attempt to SUPERSEDE the exercising YEHOVAH’s authority. One of the
authority of YEHOVAH God through the government leaders admitted they were fighting
Messiah. It forbad Peter and John to act under YEHOVAH God’s authority: however, that is
the Messiah’s authority. However, Peter and exactly what they wanted to do. The government
John CLEARLY state who’s authority is wanted its own authority to be SUPREME -- not
SUPREME. In fact, they pointed out the unlike human government today.
UNLAWFULNESS of the Judean government’s
FALSE authority and the impossibility of Pilate’s Invalid Authority
obeying it.
3. Read Acts 5:17-42. Select the logical 1. Read John 19:1-16. In verse 10 Pilate
answer to the following questions: After advises the Messiah that he has the exousia to do
bringing the apostles before the council what to him? Pilate then tells the Messiah that he
(Sanhedrin -- centralized government high court also has the exousia to do what to him?
or seat of government), the
Judean government leaders
reminded the apostles that they
had been ordered to (verse 28) –
A. pay a fine.
B. get a license.
C. not teach in the Messiah’s
name (authority).
4. In verse 29 the apos-
tles answered –
A. “We ought to obey God rather
than men.”
B. “We will take it under ad-
C. “We don’t need authority.”
5. According to verse 33,
the Judean leaders took counsel
to –
2. Yeshua replied in verse 11 that Pilate
A. consider the merits of the apostles’ message.
had no exousia at all except that it were what
B. slay the apostles.
from above (delegated from a higher authority)?
C. turn the apostles over to the Roman au-
COMMENT: Three times in the above
verses the translators INCORRECTLY rendered
6. In verses 38 and 39 Gamaliel advises
the Greek word exousia into “power” -- instead
the council –
of the CORRECT term “authority.”
A. to exercise their authority and kill the
3. After the Messiah’s statement, verse
12 indicates that Pilate was ready to do what to
B. to frame the apostles as conspirators against

Judean Centralized Government
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