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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 17

AUTHORITY as if they were the same. authority (exousia)?
COMMENT: The use of two separate
Authority Greek words (exousia and dunamis) in Luke 9:1
indicates a DIFFERENCE between the terms
AUTHORITY must be handed down “authority” and “power.” Yeshua gave them two
(commissioned or ordained) by a power or a things -- the PERMISSION or JURISDICTION
sovereign. YEHOVAH God, being the only to act (authority) and the ABILITY or FORCE to
sovereign POWER, delegates AUTHORITY act (power).
to others in His behalf ACCORDING TO HIS 2. In Luke 4:36, why were the people
WILL. True authority, then, can come ONLY amazed at him? Was it because he spoke with
from YEHOVAH God -- the supreme authority (exousia) and power (dunamis)?
“power.” COMMENT: The above verse indicates
that the Messiah possessed two SEPARATE
Power (authority) to act as well as the ABILITY and
FORCE (power) to exercise his authority. The
In the New Testament the word POWER is people were able to recognize both.
most often translated from the Greek word 3. Speaking of the Messiah, what does
dunamis (#1411 in Strong’s Concordance). Peter say in I Peter 3:22? Last part. Does he say
It refers to the “strength” or “force” to act. that authorities (exousia) and powers (dunamis)
Dunamis is derived from the root word are made subject to the Messiah?
dunamai (#1410), meaning “inherent COMMENT: Again we see two
capability.” SEPARATE things mentioned: exousia AND
dunamis. Yeshua is now reigning over all those
To have POWER is to have the force or in positions of AUTHORITY as well as those
muscle to act -- the physical capability to exercising POWER over others -- BOTH are
conquer, defend or maintain ownership. subordinate to him.
4. In I Corinthians 15:24, what is it that
Power = inherent strength; capability. Paul says the Messiah put down as well as “all
authority (exousia) and power (dunamis)”?
Authority = a commission under a “power.” 5. Luke 20:20 indicates the chief priests
and the scribes made efforts to deliver the
Messiah “unto the POWER (dunamis) and
COMMENT: Even Strong’s
AUTHORITY (exousia) of the” what?
Concordance is confusing on this point as its
COMMENT: Again, the preceding two
definition of the Greek word exousia uses terms
verses indicate a DIFFERENCE between
(ability, force, capacity) that are associated with
AUTHORITY and POWER. These terms are
the Greek word dunamis. However, a careful
NOT identical. If they were the same, statements
comparison of the Greek root words, exesti and
like those we have just read would be redundant.
dunamai, more clearly reflects the difference in
The use of two SEPARATE Greek words would
not have been necessary if power and authority
were synonymous. Obviously, these two terms
Authority and Power: Two Separate Things
are NOT equivalent. However, the verses below
demonstrate that the translators sometimes
1. In Luke 9:1 what did the Messiah give
ERRONEOUSLY used the words inter-
his disciples? Was it power (dunamis) and

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