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Lesson 17 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

or received it from an ungodly
man-made system of centralized

Delegation of Authority

1. In Matthew 28:18 the
Messiah says, “All___________
(exousia) is given unto me in
heaven and earth.”
2. According to Luke
10:19, Yeshua gave his disciples
____________(exousia) to tread
on serpents and scorpions
[referring to deceiving and
The U.S. Capital Building -- A Modern Example of Man’s malicious men], and over all the
Attempt to Centralize Power and Authority. ____________(dunamis) of the
3. According to John
Source of Authority 1:12 Yeshua gave to those who received him the
____________(exousia) to become the sons
Considering the meanings of POWER (children) of YEHOVAH God.
and AUTHORITY as given on pages 3 through COMMENT: The above scriptures
4, complete the following verses by writing the describe the delegating of authority. Yeshua
CORRECT word in the blanks. Remember that received ALL authority from YEHOVAH God
the King James version of the Bible often -- YEHOVAH DELEGATED it to him. Yeshua
translates it wrongly. in turn gave (delegated) authority to his disciples
1. Romans 13:1 states: “Let every soul and to those who believed on him. Authority,
[person] be subject unto the higher then, is “jurisdiction” (COMMISSIONED to
______________(exousia). For there is no act) that originates with YEHOVAH God and is
______________(exousia) but of God: the subsequently delegated to others ACCORDING
______________(exousia) that be are ordained TO HIS WILL.
[authorized] of God.”
COMMENT: The above scripture Acting in Someone’s Name
identifies the SOURCE of “all authority”:
YEHOVAH God. Therefore, any so-called 1. Read Matthew 8:5-13. What does the
authority originating from men is NOT true Roman centurion say in verse 9?
authority. Genuine (lawful) authority can only COMMENT: The above verse
be given by YEHOVAH God and NOT usurped describes DELEGATED AUTHORITY. The
by men. The “higher authorities” of Romans centurion, understanding authority, knew
13:1 refers strictly to lawful (YEHO- Yeshua had been commissioned by YEHOVAH
VAH-appointed) leaders. Contrary to popular God to heal the servant. He also knew that
opinion and current Judeo-Christian teaching, Yeshua possessed the POWER to carry out that
this verse does NOT refer to typical “rulers of authority (commission) by simply speaking the
men” who have established their own authority word (verse 8).
Authority is a “legal” term which refers

Judean Centralized Government
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